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The Hottest GM, Round 1: New York City

November 27, 2012 at 9:17 AM | by | Comments (156)

UPDATE: Voting has now closed for the individual categories. Head over here to pick your favorite from the four finalists, and help us name the world's hottest GM!

OK, hotel geeks! This week, we're taking some time to highlight the world's hottest hotel General Managers. Why, you ask? Because there are some seriously sweet GMs out there, and we feel it's our duty to give them the love and attention they deserve. Well, not in that way...but, er, you get the idea.

Here's how it works: each day, we'll present a selection of handsome GMs for you to ogle. Pick out your favorite by voting in the comments, or send us an email. At the end of the week, we'll tally the votes and come up with four finalists from four categories (NYC, Miami, California and International). Then, we'll narrow it down even further and ask you to help us pick the single hottest GM in the world. The competition is fierce, and the polls are officially open. Are you ready to vote?

Let the games begin!

Round One: New York City...


· Name: Claes Landberg

· Hotel: Yotel

· What's special about him? Aside from his cool name, plus time spent in both Vegas (Monte Carlo Resort and Caesars Entertainment), Atlantic City, and Hilton New York, Stockholm-born Claes at one time owned and operated his own restaurant business in Europe.

· Why we dig the hotel: Futuristic, airport-themed rooms, and a Yobot? We're sold.

· Verdict: Hotter than a pot of Swiss chocolate fondue.


· Name: Javier Egipciaco

· Hotel: NU Hotel Brooklyn

· What's special about him? Native New Yorker Javier combines his love of Brooklyn and his admirable fitness regimen by leading hotel guests on a weekly 5k run across the Brooklyn Bridge. You gotta wake up early to catch this guy, though! The intra-borough run meets at 7am every Tuesday.

· Why we dig the hotel: The trendy, ultra-modern hotel is conveniently located near Brooklyn's new Barclays Center.

· Verdict: Hottie with the body.


· Name: John Loizos

· Hotel: The Strand

· What's special about him? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, apparently—former Carlyle employee John followed in the footsteps of his dad, who also built his career in the NYC hotel industry. And his father before him, and his father before him, and his father before him...

· Why we dig the hotel: With a killer rooftop bar and some funky aquarium action going on in the restaurant, The Strand certainly keeps things interesting in midtown.

· Verdict: Hot in that guy-next-door kinda way.


· Name: Cornelia Samara

· Hotel: Andaz Fifth Ave

· What's special about her? With her unique German-Palestinian heritage, this gal has lived in 10 different cities around the world, and speaks a number of different languages. In fact, if she wasn't so busy at the Andaz, she could probably pull off a successful career as an international woman of mystery.

· Why we dig the hotel: Not only did the hotel make our annual "11 Best NYC Hotels" list, they also get major points for weird-but-cool hotel art.

· Verdict: Globetrotters don't come any hotter!


· Name: Rob Andrews

· Hotel: Eventi Hotel

· What's special about him? Having worked at hotels throughout Mauritius, the UK, and the US (most recently at Soho Grand and Tribeca Grand), this dapper English lad regularly charms the pants off New Yorkers with his looks, spiffy sense of fashion, and, of course, his accent.

· Why we dig the hotel: In addition to a swingin' food court next to the lobby, this 54-storey Kimpton tower is a sightseeing stop in its own right.

· Verdict: Hotter than Ron Weasley.

Ready to vote? Just drop a name in the comments below, or send us an email! The world is only big enough for one Hottest GM—and it's up to you to decide!

[Photo: HotelChatter; inset, FanPop]

Comments (156)

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Let's Hear it for the Girl

Cornelia gets my vote!


Ill say Claes but where is Karin Kopano from the Gansevoort Park Ave??? Not a fair fight with out her on the list though....


I vote for Brooklyn's hottie with a body... Javier!


Woop woop, Javier!!


My vote is for Javier!!!  He deserves it!!!  Team Javier!!  


One vote for Rob Andrews.  Hello, British accent!  HOT!


Definitely Cornelia!


Team Javier

@TheWorlOfDeej on Twitter

"Gonna have to go with Rob. Looks like I'd enjoy a beer with him the most..."

team Claes Landberg

Got to nominate the handsome Swede!


Cornelia gets this vote! Go Cornelia!!!

Cornelia, hands down

Cornelia is by far the hottest !!!

Rob Andrews!

Rob Andrews for sure!

Can we enter GMs for the other locations?

Is there a way to enter GMs into the race for other locations??


Team Javier

MeghanR..this is just Round1!

We'll be highlighting submissions given to us for the categories mentioned above,  Miami, Los Angeles and International. We are SERIOUS about this thang and will be crowning our overall winner NEXT WEEK!

Hoteliers were asked to submit their Hot GM, so if there's one you think should be on the list for the other cities, but a bug in their ear and have them contact us!

Cornelia FTW!

Girl power!


Definitely Rob - love myself a spicy Brit.


Cornelia - hands down!


Rob Andrews!!! Brains and wit... HELLO!!! PS. it was like getting in Ft. Knox to post a comment.


Manhattan is the outer borough!

Rob Andrews!!!

Fantastic looking and smart to boot!

Rob Andrews!

Definitely Rob Andrews!



Rob Andrews

Rob Andrews...no contest!!!

Rob Andrews

Hello Gorgeous!

Cornelia!!!!! <3


Vote for Rob Andrews!

Definetely Rob! Not only that he is charming but he is super smart! Rob - i don't have a clue how this pre-selection works but from the candidates right here you ROCK! of course the story would have beed different if Tania was in the competition as well... LOL
i hope you win!



I vote for Javier!!

Rob Andrews

Rob Andrews!!

Hottest GM??

Yeah, great.  Thanks for rubbing it in the face of those who are not as narcissistic as you.  What about honest GM's who are not attractive yet very intelligent?  

You have lowered yourself with such a contest and this kind of thinking.  These people dont become successful without the diligent work of many other people behind them.  People who are not considered "hot".  

You can consider me as one of your ex-subscribers now.  Such a thing makes me sick!

Vote for Javier

Brooklyn is the place to be!! Javier no worries my friend but you are going to win hands down!!

Javier Egipciaco

Texas votes for Javier Egipciaco!

Javier Egipciaco

Javier Egipciaco

Team Claus

Claus gets my vote!



Gotta vote Javier

Javier all the way!!


Javier all the way!!  Congrats, Jav.




Rob all the way! nice blazer by the way :)

Team Jav



A nice guy too...


Hottie Javs!

Rob Andrews

No competition. Rob hands down. He has the stance of a man and a winner.

Go Javier!

Rob please!!!!

Robert Andrews. Style. Passion. Grace. A nice shaped head. SWOON!!!!!!


My vote for Javier Egipciaco


Claes definitely!




Claes Of Course!!

Gotta say Javier

He's dreamy.

@pattonroberta on Twitter

"Cornelia Samara hands down"


Javier gets my vote!

Rob Andrews



The choice is Obvious !!!'

Vegas in the House

I'm throwing my hat into the ring (with a giggly wink) for Claes.


Javier runs the best hotel around...


Team BK!


The hottie with the body!!!!

Go Cornelia!

Cornelia for president :)!


BK represent!

cornelia samara

Super classy looking woman!


Feel the Burn!


Obviously, so so obvious. What a sweetheart!

Give me a J-A-V-I-E-R!

PS votes for Javier! Wepa!

Javier Egipciaco

Javier gets my vote because he's a native New Yorker

Cornelia Samara FTW!

Great and warm personality! Definitely a winner in our book at Andaz 5th Avenue!


Cornelia all the way to the top!!!!

Cornelia Samara

CORNELIA SAMARA! You won my vote!!


Snarky can be amusing; throw in a factoid or two and your interesting but this lowers the bar for hoteliers.  Don't mimic the real estate trade that loves these type things as those folks only manage their looks not a staff of 100s.  Useless, demeaning and just plain dumb.

Rob Andrews!!

Rob get my vote!! ;)


Sorry Javiar but Cornelia's intelligence, class and beauty are difficult to beat.

Javier Egipciaco

Nothing is hotter than ambition and charisma; Javier has both in abundance. Plus he looks tastier than Texas Toast.

Team Javier

you've come a long way! go Hottie Jav!

Javier Egipciaco

Sharpest looking guy in the New York area!!

You can't fake class, Javier's got it down.

Claes Landberg for sure!!!

He's even more delicious looking than a pot of Swiss chocolate fondue in person!! :D

Team Rob

let's go rob!!

Rob Andrews

Definitely the Brit!


My vote is for the fondue!

******!!!!!!!!!!!!ROB ANDREWS!!!!!!*******

Rob Andrews 100%!

Alison Langner

Javier. Obviously. ;)


Cornelia - she's intelligent, sweet and graceful.

Javier of course!

the hottest and kindest & sweetest  GM is my neighbor! Javier all the way! hands down!


Javier Egipciaco


Javier Egipciaco

Team Jav

Javier Egipciaco! A wonderful man and an even better GM!

Rob Andrews

Let's go Rob!

Yo! Claes!

Claes of course!

Go Cornelia!

Cornelia has my vote! Not only is she a hottie, she's a sweetie as well.

Javier of Course

A wonderful GM!!!

I vote for Cornelia Samara

Cornelia is the hottest GM in NY

My vote is for Cornelia

All I can say is that she makes me GRRRRRRR.......she is totally a class act!

Team Claes

No doubt about it! He's not only insanely handsome, he's all class, highly intelligent, leads a brilliant team, and is a terrific person too.

Go Javier !!!

My vote goes to Brooklyns finest.


He is soooo  handsome!


A million votes for Rob Andrews...do they all count if I ask nicely?  Ok, then, "A million votes for Rob Andrews...please."  Go get 'em Rob.


She is the best



No contest here. Cornelia gets this vote!





I vote for Javier Egipciaco

Rob Andrews

Rob Andrews hands down.

****TEAM ROB*****

Def.team ROB!

Javier Egipciaco is the hottest GM

No contest! I vote for Javier.

Go Cornelia!!!

Not only the hottest but the smartest and most qualified GM ever!



Gooooooo Rob!

Rob Andrews: The Right Choice

Who doesn't love an accent on a ginger?!

Rob Andrews Gets My Vote

It's yes for Rob!!

Go Rob!!!

It is deffinitely Rob Andrews!! Smart and hot and a lot of fun to work with!

My vote goes to Rob!

Rob was my former boss, great guy, fun to work with, intense but with a lot of HEART!!!

Go Rob!


I vote for Rob Andrews

Rob is a great guy..and he is hot!

Rob gets the vote

Make it happen!!..

Rob Andrews

Rob is a fun guy and a pleasure to be around. He has my vote

Rob for sure !

He is mart and fun to be around

Rob Andrews

Only because I know how much you hate to lose. JK You are defiently the hottest GM around.

Javier Egipciaco


Rob Andrews

Rob, Rob, Rob!!!

Mr Rob Andrews!

Hand's down.....ROB GETS OUR VOTE!

PHIL B!!!!

Definitely Phil Baxter.

My Vote

John Loizos

Javier Egipciaco

Javier has my vote.

I vote Rob from a fellow Rob!!!!


Javier Egipciaco

Javier Egipciaco

Vote for Javier Egipciaco!

Vote for Javier Egipciaco!

Rob Andrews

Hottest Brit in town!

Team Rob

He's got my vote, but only, since I am no longer in New York, lol.....

Rob Andrews

Hand´s down


My vote is for Javier Egipciaco.  Oh Yeah!


All around cool guy...


He's what's hot in BK


England's loss is America's gain!

This adorable import has the dapper good-looks, physique, and impish sense of humor ..enough to warm ANY of our cold New York hearts...LET HIM!

..'Hottest GM?..AFFIRMATIVE!


Cornelia Samara

Cornelia Samara is the hottest GM for sure! Mystery woman? I'll take your word for it ;-)




Rob Andrews...no doubt

Rob Andrews

My vote goes for Rob Andrews!

Javier all the way!!

Brooklyn style!


New York Native - Team Javier


He knows he has this in the bag!

Cornelia Samara is the best

Very sophisticated and warm. Love this gorgeous lady.


Cornelia gets my vote!!She is cultured and chic!

Cornelia for the win!!

Without a doubt, Cornelia has my vote!


Cornelia Samara has my vote!!


I Vote for Cornelia.

Claes Landberg !!!

Claes Landberg  for the win!

Classy Cornelia

Team Cornelia!!!

Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition

Dom Perignon and HG2: As many voters have demonstrated, good looks are only a partial factor here--charm, sophistication, humor, and usefulness all go into what makes these GMs "hot."

Those qualities make them eligible for a contest like this, AND show they're simply good at their jobs.


Cornelia for the win.


RobAndrews gets my BigApples all worked up. Vote #1 team Randrews.

Hottest GM

f...ya... DEFINITELY  Rob ....he is the hottest GM.
He's got looks, personality and he is a really good guy.

Liz and Tanya why I don't see your pictures here ladies ???? :):);)


Hot GM!

Cornelia Samara all the way. Hyatt is #1 and Cornelia makes Hyatt Stand tall!!

Go Team RAndrews!

I don't have a "thing" for British men, but Rob was an awesome boss and a great friend.  Because he kicked my a$$, I now have a great career and I'm doing what I love. Now let's get some bloody drinks!


Here's my vote for Rob Andrews!

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