Guess The Hotel With An Elephant Nosing Around

November 27, 2012 at 12:47 PM | by | ()

For the most telling clues, look beyond the obvious...

It’s time to test your hotel naming swagger with another game of Guess the Hotel!

Take a look at the photo below: can you name the hotel where this African elephant was swinging a little swagger of its own?

Here are some hints:

* Technically a B&B, stay here and you get to choose from eight differently-themed military grade tents, aka bungalows.

* In the morning, your first visit will not be from housekeeping but from an African elephant like Malika here.

* The B&B goes by several names and shares its grounds with a ranch (and soon to be zoo) that's home to a multitude of exotic animals, including zebra, ostrich, camel, baboon, Bengal tigers, African lions, black bear, hyena, Siberian lynx, bearcat, and lemur.

* One of the world’s best wine regions is so close you can almost taste the Pinot Noir.

Think you've got the answer? Drop it in the comments below! And check back for the full reveal!

Photos: Nina Kokotas Hahn/HotelChatter

Archived Comments:

Guess the Hotel

I believe it is:
Vision Quest Ranch B&B, in California's Salinas Valley.