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Pipe Down! Premier Inns Install Noise "Meters" For Loud Louts

November 28, 2012 at 9:47 AM | by | ()

Allow us to introduce you to the newest passive-aggressive way hotels are attempting to cut down on loud guests: Noise detectors that let you know when it’s time to quiet down.

Premier Inn – a predominately UK hotel chain that offers discounts/refunds to guests who don’t get a good night's sleep – has installed the meters in the corridors of 620 of its hotels to crack down on late-night noisemakers.

“We asked our teams to come up with ideas about how we could reduce noise from other customers and they came up with some really novel innovations,” Chief executive Andy Harrison told the Daily Mail. “We tried giving rowdy guests lollipops when they come into reception after a night out to keep them quiet.’

Lollipops? For real? Too bad building walls out of something other than cardboard never came up. According to the Huffington Post, “these meters will be triggered when a certain level of decibels is exceeded, and will remind the offenders to keep their voices down.”

We had to read that one twice. The devices will remind offenders to keep their voices down. How? Green laser beams? Or by making more noise? Question: How much noise does the noise meter make? Is it possible that a group of noisy people who aren’t disturbing anyone could set off the noise meter and wake everyone up?

If only the Sheraton Society Hill would have had a few of these!

Anyway, it is what it is. Despite recent stays by Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Paul McCartney, it seems Premier Inn is only going to tolerate so much, and those of you planning to be in celebration mode better remove the chain from your radar so as to avoid technological retaliation. If a hotel has gone out of its way to install these things, they aren’t going to be too excited to hear you from the hallway at 3 a.m.

Have you experienced the wrath of a noise meter? Tell us about it!

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