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Do Hotel Rates For A Few Hours Leave You Sour?

November 20, 2012 at 6:41 PM | by | ()

Although hotels have offered hourly and day rates for years under their breath, they're really beginning to push them in hopes of capitalizing on the increasing demand for a few hours of respite in between flights and meetings.

This might be causing headaches for hotel employees (i.e. room turnovers), but upper management is no doubt excited at the possibilities for increased revenue.

"Usually, between 11am and 5pm our guestrooms are empty," Michael Benjamins, the senior sales manager at the Town Hall Hotel, told CNN. "If we have one guest that wants to come for the day, and another who has a late check-in, we can use that room twice."

The new marketing campaign/trend is great for the on-paper potential profits of hotels and businessmen whose bosses foot the bill, but beyond that, we're left shrugging our shoulders. Does this have any leisure-travel benefits?

Perusing the web, we found that while some airport hotels in New York City are under $100 for the day, most rates are solidly in the triple digits (btw, $80-$90 for a few hours in a basic airport hotel is nothing to celebrate).

It totally makes sense for business travelers, but can the everyday person come up with enough reasons to drop this kind of dough for a nap and a shower? When faced with a long layover, perhaps, although there's always a day pass to an airline lounge, kicking back at a coffee shop, or straight up exploring-the-hell out of your location.

A hotel room sounds comfortable and private, but wethinks by the time you begin to really appreciate the amenities, you're already out the door, and have paid a steep price.

Are we biased? What do you think? In what scenarios would you consider these day rates worth the price tag? Let us know in the comments below.

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Archived Comments:

Bert Archer via Facebook

Sure. Day-long layover.

Will McGough

but even in that case there are better ideas if you can prepare for it

Bert Archer via Facebook

Shower in the middle of a long day can be a godsend. Also, sex.

Will McGough

Ha, I think hotels are trying to get away from that whole hourly rental sex quickie scene.

Bert Archer via Facebook says...

A profit centre's a profit centre.