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South Korea’s $300 Billion 8City Makes Dubai Seem Like A Sandbox

Where: Incheon, Korea
November 21, 2012 at 3:03 PM | by | Comments (3)

Dubai might be the place these days for megaprojects like the Palm, the World, and Burj Khalifa, but if the developers of South Korea’s 8City have anything to say about it, these will be considered child’s play come 2030.

To be built partially on reclaimed land in Incheon, close to Seoul’s international airport, 8City would be a tourism city unlike any other, at a purported cost of nearly $300 billion. That's three hundred billion, more than the GDP of a whole number of countries combined.

What does one get for $300 billion? According to CNN:

Plans for the city include travel and leisure facilities from luxury hotels, condominiums, casinos and shopping malls to a theme park, a water park, a Formula One racing track, a 50,000-seat concert hall, a medical tourism-based "healing town" and a “hallyu town” showcasing Korean entertainment.

Aiming for the domestic Chinese tourist market, the design incorporates the lucky number 8, with the resort being three times as big as Macau, one of the main gambling destinations for Chinese tourists (and home of the world’s largest hotel – for now).

That shiny thing connecting the two circles of the “8” is called the Megastrip, which would be the world’s single largest architectural unit at 220 meters high, 880 meters wide, and 3.3 kilometers long. Perhaps not surprisingly given its shape, various nicknames that we won’t repeat here are already in circulation (no points for guessing).

There’s some interesting debate in the commentary over at CNN about the feasibility of the project, and related initiatives in the area like Songdo City that may not have been as successful as initially hoped.

We can’t even begin to imagine how one raises $300 billion in funding, but if it all happens, we expect some serious hotel projects to be popping up. We’ll have 17 years or so to discuss this until the project is complete, but do tell us your thoughts in the comments: will 8City come to fruition? Would you be first in line to visit? And which hotels would you like to see being part of the development?

[Images: 8City via CNN]

Comments (3)

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Grandeur Future Tourist Attraction

The project is so big and expensive yet it will attract more tourist in the future.

Climate change

Is it wise to build anything that big on land that will be underwater when the seas rise?  All of these reclaimed land projects reflect extremely short-term thinking.

I don't get it

what's with the giant chrome dildo?

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