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"Massive Fistfight Resulting in Hotel Damage" Reason to Buy Wedding Insurance?

November 19, 2012 at 2:22 PM | by | ()

It looks like lawyers are still hashing out the legal details on the brawl that took place at Philly's Sheraton Society Hill back in the beginning of October.

But that hasn't stopped a few third-party legal opportunists from trying to "help" by promoting and profiting from its aftermath.

Apparently, an overlooked aspect of this whole debacle is the monetary damage done to the hotel, and insurance companies don't want to miss the chance to scare couples into taking wildly paranoid preventative measures. One insurance report specifically referenced the Sheraton Society Hill fight as part of an "it could happen to you so buy this now" scare tactic:

Marriages are a celebration where many people who are celebrating behave in ways that isnít [sic] typical. Emotions are high and alcohol is readily available. This combination of factors can easily make things go very right or very wrong. In case the latter should occur, couples can be sure that they donít begin their wedded life with a financial catastrophe on their hands.

Sounds like just another add-on from the always-greedy wedding industry to us, and there's nothing worse than phony compassion. The Knot doesn't think insurance is such a waste, though, noting that a lost tuxedo in airport baggage, the reception hall going out of business just before the wedding, and a limo driver that goes MIA the morning of are all common reimbursable mishaps with most insurance policies.

We suppose couples should now throw "hotel damage caused by a massive fistfight" into future policy negotiations, just to be sure, cause there's nothing like kicking off the rest of your life with a hearty dose of paranoia!


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