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Next Time You're In Africa, Just Pay Your Hotel Bills

November 16, 2012 at 9:34 AM | by | ()

We have learned the lessons from Lindsay Lohan not paying hotel bills, but apparently some guys in Africa didn't get wind of the news.

A Central African Republic man decided that he would rack up about $15,000 worth of nights, meals and services at the Ledger Plaza and then do a runner, not paying his bill. Eventually, the man was questioned alongside the hotel manager —weird— and the police decided to lock up the hotel guest. The twist to the story is that the man is named Kevin Bozize and if you know anything about politics in Africa, you may know that his father is Francois Bozize, the President of CAR. The president didn't do any pardons here as he was the man that ordered his own son to head into lock up.

This comes on the heels of another man in Mozambique who has been locked up for 3 months after not stopping by reception at check-out. The South African man has not been formally charged, but is still detained for sneaking out on a bill that totaled around $611. Not huge numbers, but either way, it's not cool to stiff a hotel after you've taken advantage of their turn-down service.

Not that you need any warning on this, but we have to say it. Irrespective of the cost of your hotel stay, please make sure you pay that bill. It's just not kosher and it ultimately makes everything more expensive for those who follow the rules. Let's just hope that Saudi Princess gets the message.

[Photo: Ledger Plaza Hotel]

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