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Brangelina Shuts Down £10 at Montage Beverly Hills

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November 12, 2012 at 9:53 AM | by | ()

There might be little argument that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie make for the most interesting celebrity couple on this planet. After announcing their pending nuptials, the hearts of world-wide paparazzo may have skipped a beat, but the couple may have scored a point against the camera lens after organizing a private dinner at one of the restaurants in the Montage Beverly Hills.

Perhaps they were picking the flowers or even color schemes for their big day, either way Brangelina wanted a little privacy while dining in the hotel's £10 restaurant. Allegedly, after a little coaxing, they shut their doors to the public and other hotel guests, and no doubt waited on the power couple hand and foot. No word on what they dined on (does Angie eat?), but with a menu like aged bison tartare and mini lobster rolls, no doubt the bill was more than £10 ($16).

The super-hidden restaurant is known for an extensive whiskey list featuring a Macallan single malt that can be aged as long as 64 years as well as private dining and scotch tasting experiences for those people in the know. Sounds like Brad and Angelina are just that type of couple. Or could this be an indicator of where their reception party-of-the-century will be held once they tie the knot?

At a hefty $585 per night for a basic king room, we just don't know how we will RSVP if we get an invite. Best start saving our pennies now.

[Photo: HuffPo/Montage Beverly Hills]

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