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Special Butler at The Four Seasons Santa Fe Will Light Your Fire

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  Site Where: 198 State Road 592 [map], Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States, 87506
November 12, 2012 at 7:11 PM | by | ()

Daylight Savings Time is in effect in the US, which means it gets darker faster, playing mind with us. We’re ready for jimjams and bed at, like 5pm, man. No bueno.

So, we heard about the Fireplace Butler at the new Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado in Santa Fe, at just the right time—when we felt like getting all cozy and snuggly (btw, where is our Snuggie anyway? Time to get that badboy out).

Ack, focus! Here’s how it works, every casita room at the resort has an interor and exterior fireplace, so all you have to do is push a button, and the Fireplace Butler (a free service!) will arrive wearing his rugged gear (red flannel hat and all) hauling a burlap bag of tools. Ooh. Tools.

But before he lights your fire (with Pinon logs—what were you thinking?), he’ll serve you a steaming mug of hot chocolate or apple cider while you peruse a snack menu and decide whether the cheese-stuffed jalapeño poppers or s’mores with house-made marshmallows will go nicely with your big blaze of glory.

If this is what winter could be like every day, we'd promise not to whine. Not like someone else with the initials J.A., who visited the resort not too long ago.

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Archived Comments:

Great service

I've stayed here and utilized the service. They are great. I haven't been offered any beverage, but they're on top of it nonetheless.