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The Official Post-Sandy Guide To New York Hotel Rooms

November 1, 2012 at 1:33 PM | by | ()

UPDATE 11/3/12, 12:46pm: As of Saturday morning, power has been restored to most of Manhattan. Many hotels that avoided flooding or physical damage, but had to remain closed due to loss of power, have now re-opened. So, hurray! Consequently, we recommend calling hotels directly as rooms start to become available again, and the insane Sandy-prompted hotel crisis of the past week begins to dissipate.

We'll just go ahead and say it: New York City is in a sorry state right now, hotel wise.

The thousands who were left stranded by Hurricane Sandy have filled up every conceivable nook and cranny of the city, with many travelers even resorting to hotels with no power just so they could have a bed to sleep on.

The good news is: partial subway service has resumed and all major NYC airports (LGA, JFK, EWR) have reopened. Slowly but surely, things are starting to move again. But things are not back to normal by a long stretch. A quick look at this photo a friend posted, showing Brooklyn folks lined up for a bus into Manhattan, makes that painfully clear.

Another major issue is hotel rooms. They're all booked up. We just got off the phone with one reservation center operator, who told us she's "never seen anything like this," as she scrolled through page after page of sold out hotels on her computer.

At one point, our spirits were momentarily lifted when she found a room at the Hampton Inn 35th St. But we immediately lost interest when we heard the price: $1000 per night. For a standard room! Clearly, things are pretty upside down right now, negates what we thought the other day about room rates being fair, and lets us know there's not a lot of help to be had if you don't have deep pockets.

To help out, we've created a handy dandy Post-Sandy Guide to New York Hotels. Take a look below at which hotels are open, which ones have power, and how to get in touch. We'll be adding to this page throughout the week as we see improvement in both room availability and ground transportation. We're also looking for post-Sandy hotel photos, which you can email to us here.

Know something we don't, or care to contribute? Simply drop a comment below, and we'll make the necessary changes.

The following hotels remain open, with power, and have available rooms. However, since there is such high demand right now, we recommend acting quickly. There is a VERY high likelihood of these rooms being snapped up in a jiffy: New York Palace at $499/night with a two-night minimum. Call 212-888-7000.
· Hotel 373 at $409/night. Call 212-213-3388.
· The Library Hotel's last room (the smallest in the hotel) is still available for $529/night. Call 212-983-4500. Or don't.
· Sheraton New York. Call 212-581-1000.
· Marrakech Hotel at $349/night. Call 212-222-2954.
· Yotel at $329/night. Call 646-449-7700.
· The Royalton at $559/night. Call 212-869-4400.
· Renaissance 57 at $459/night. Call 212-753-8841.
· Hotel Chandler. Call 866-627-7847.
· Best Western Convention Center at 522 W 38th St. Call 800-780-7234.
· Best Western Plus Hospitality House at 145 E 49th St. Call 800-780-7234.
· Hilton Garden Inn Chelsea at 121 W 28th St. $419/night. Call 212-564-2181.
· The Mansfield Hotel at 12 W 44th St. $629/night. Call 888-823-3085.
· The Shoreham Hotel at 33 W 55th St. $649/night. Call 888-823-3085.
· La Quinta Inn has availability tomorrow night starting at $329/night. Call 212-736-1600.
· Over in Long Island City, just ten minutes from Manhattan, the Verve Hotel has a suite going for $700/night (call 718-786-4545).

The following hotels remain open, but are fully booked as of tonight. Now, with airports opening up and people able to fly out of the city, rooms will definitely be opening up. If you need a hotel for this weekend—or even as soon as tomorrow night—these places are still worth a call:
· Four Seasons New York has power.
· Andaz Fifth Ave has power. (A source tells us the hotel is full of fashion and media types, all in need of a temporary place to be fabulous.)
· Ritz-Carlton Central Park has power.
· Hotel Surrey has power.
· 70 Park Ave has power.
· The Muse has power.
· Eventi Hotel has power.
· Pod 51 has power.
· ONE UN New York has power.
· Westin New York Grand Central has power.
· Ace Hotel has power but is not allowing non-guests to use the lobby.
· Millenium Hilton has power.
· Hilton Fashion District has power.
· NoMad Hotel unconfirmed.
· All Hilton, and Hilton Garden Inns are fully booked, except for the HGI Chelsea, listed above.
· Marriott Marquis Times Square has power.
· Both InterContinental hotels have power, but are fully booked.
· AKA Central Park has power.
· AKA Times Square has power.
· The Chatwal has power.
· Stay has power.
· Dream has power.
· Time has power.
· Night has power.
· Hotel Mela has power.
· Hotel Wolcott has power.
· The Carlyle has power, sold out until Nov 5.
· Carvi Hotel has power.
· Carlton Hotel unconfirmed.
· Hotel Elysee has power.
San Carlos Hotel has power.
Pod 39
· The Standard High Line
· Hotel Americano
· Gramercy Park Hotel
· The Strand

The following hotels are currently closed until further notice:
· Andaz Wall Street set to reopen Nov 8
· Ritz-Carlton Battery Park
· Best Western Plus Seaport Inn set to reopen Nov 6
· Best Western Hanbee Hotel
· Gansevoort Meatpacking should be "up and running again soon" per Twitter.
· Conrad New York
· New York Marriott Downtown
· W New York Downtown
· Mondrian Soho

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Archived Comments:

Update for The Pierre, New York, A Taj Hotel

Hello, here is an entry for The Pierre. Let us know if you need any more information. Cheers!
(212) 851-8425
(808) 949-4131

The Pierre, New York, A Taj Hotel <http://www.hotelchatter.com/hotel-reviews/The+Pierre/local/941> has power. Restaurants are open including Two E and Sirio.

The Pierre, New York is open but fully booked

This is kinda sad

This NY Post article is pointing to a $250/night "deal" at a motel in East New York, which is a pretty shady area of Brooklyn most people would want to avoid. Definitely not a deal! Another motel there had rooms being listed on Hotels.com for $599. They told the Post it was a "mistake," but that's what they always say when they get caught jacking up the price.

Hotel Pennsylvania

Any update on Hotel Pennsylvania due to stay there 12th - 16th November.

Bryant Park Hotel

Just saw on Facebook that the hotel now has power and will start taking guests. The NY Post also reported the Palace Hotel was open but charging $600 a night. The manager had a quote that was something to the effect of "Yeah that's higher than what we normally charge but we had higher occupancy so the rates go up." Ugh. You had higher occupancy bc folks need a warm, well-lit and dry place to stay. I just wish some hotels could have been more lenient with their rates in an emergency like this.

Allegria hotel, long beach

Hi can anyone tell me the status of the Allegria Hotel? Power, phone, etc. haven't been able to get hold of them by phone and due to stay there from Tuesday.  Thanks