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How the Andaz 5th Avenue is All 'Up in Arms'

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October 9, 2012 at 3:00 PM | by | ()

Right now, a prediction: there will come a time when hotels begin to supplement their exterior signs with their social media presence. It's already happening in a way at the Andaz 5th Avenue, where their side door—a showplace for mural artist collaborations—includes a plaque with the Twitter account (@Andaz5th) and a hashtag for any tweeting or instagramming about the artwork (#tbdart).

Still, for now we just want to draw your attention to this, the newest door mural. It's "Up in Arms" by Brooklyn artist Daniel St. George, and we're kind of in love with it.

The first paint was laid to the door on September 6 and the hotel's Tumblr documented the total process. The focus of this work? We'll let the official press release explain: "During his time at Andaz 5th Avenue, Daniel St. George aims to uncover the suppression he feels the art and music industry has faced during New York's evolution into the modern-day utopian dream, and illustrate the present-day fantastical world he believes we all live in."

The artwork will be replaced by a mural by Mister Cartoon come December, when he will also temporarily become the Andaz's tattoo artist in residence.

To spot "Up In Arms," walk by the Andaz on its 5th Avenue side. You can't miss it as it faces directly towards the doors of the NYC Public Library.

[Photo: HotelChatter]

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