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Long Island "Medium" Sees Kiddie Ghosts in Cali Hotel

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October 9, 2012 at 11:45 AM | by | ()

For some strange reason we are kind of hooked on the new TLC show, Long Island Medium. And with this latest episode, we can now pass off our viewing as "work related".

This is a series about a woman named Theresa Caputo from Long Island (duh!) who is a psychic "medium", meaning she communicates with people from the afterlife. People call her in to get closure from family and friends who have passed away. Or they just want her to remove bad "juju" from their businesses. This is why we were so interested when an episode lead her to the The Padre Hotel in Bakersfield, California. She was only there to crash for the night, wasn't summoned by the hotel at all, and yet somehow, "Spirit" got to her. And our psychic Caputo doesn't keep quiet when these things happen (or is she quiet about anything, really), so that's when things got bananas.

Turns out, this "spirit" is a child--one of a few--that died in a tragic fire at the Padre Hotel, which was built in 1928. it's also been the site of several suicides. This girl had a lot to say to Caputo, who apparently took notes on a writing pad while half sleep--notes she maintains are in a handwriting not her own. This is creepy, and it's not even Halloween yet! Here's a bit of Long Island Medium in action.

Our medium is weirded out, so upon leaving, she confronts "Jennifer"at the front desk and starts asking about the history of the hotel. Jennifer isn't prepared for Caputo. That's obvious, especially when she starts dropping knowledge about a little girl who lost her life at the hotel, the history of the property, how these impish spirits don't want to frighten anyone, they just like to "play" at the Padre by dancing and singing in the hallways. Jennifer is dumbfounded. But Caputo reassures her that the spirits mean no harm. It's a ringing endorsement, no? That way people won't flee the Padre in droves. Jennifer finally admits that she knows about "the children". Shiver. Even says, "they really interact a lot with the staff." Double shiver!

More things are revealed. A handprint that won't go away no matter how many coats of paint are applied (this is the girl's mark, apparently), and noises of the pots and pan banging variety. How could Caputo know this? We are just as gobsmacked as the staff and now wish there is a whole "Haunted Hotels" series for the Long Island Medium. But we'll give that to you soon enough in our Hotel Chatter Halloween Special!

[Video: MSNBC/Photo: The Padre Hotel]

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