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Hotel Tonight Has a Halloween Trick For NYC

October 31, 2012 at 5:28 PM | by | ()

While we think Hurricane Sandy has been one hell of a Halloween trick, it appears that today on All Hallows' Eve, Hotel Tonight became the innocent-looking neighbor that offers unwrapped candy to trick-or-treaters.

We received the above email and thought "Wow, there's some good deals here!" And like a big kid searching for the full-size candy bar in a bucket o' treats, we saw good rates--rooms in Atlanta for $79! Dallas for $55! Even San Francisco, where today they had an banging Halloween Day ticker-tape parade celebrating the 2012 World Series champion's, the Giants, beds for $105! These were the Snickers, Reese's, and Baby Ruth's of hotel deals.

So what's the problem? We'll show you.

Yep. There's the trick. Barely any New York City hotel rooms. And the one that was a decent price? The Econolodge Time Square for $239? Gone at 12:01 pm.
Damn. A Tootsie Roll.

Now remember yesterday when we said we were happy there wasn't any low-class price gouging going on from hoteliers taking advantage of Hurricane Sandy displacements? Well, maybe we spoke too soon, given that Hotel Indigo NYC Chelsea has the nerve to charge $499 tonight! [UPDATE: at 3:49 it sold out for $519]. And there won't even be a Halloween Parade this year. Add that to the news that a certain hotel near Union Square charged nearly $500 yesterday (not via HT) and they didn't even have power, and we say "Boo!"

And not in a Casper the Friendly Ghost way, either.

Happy Halloween, folks. You may now cry into your Sugar Daddy's. You're gonna need one with these rates.

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Archived Comments:

No power?

And charging that much?? You may have to spill the hotel name.

But I feel like that's a quasi normal rate for the Indigo. I always want to stay there but it's always above $400 when I look.

I think HT is way better for those other cities you mentioned but I've never seen anything really amazing in NYC. Maybe once or twice but it's not something you can count on for a deal.

Well Done Juliana!

Bravo Juliana on the comment. An average amount of investigation would show that this rate is actually below the rate Indigo was selling before Sandy was a glimmer in our eye.

Indigo this morning invited everyone without power in the neighborhood to congregate in the lobby for use of their wireless internet and electricity to recharge their phones.

Good to know but

Wouldn't it be nicer if hotels would halve their rates in times of emergencies like this? I know, I know, wishful thinking but that doesn't mean it can't still happen!

Average amount of investigation?

Hardly. $519 is an outrageous amount for this time of year. And Indigo's $599 "original price" is nuts, too.
There are better and less expensive hotels in NYC and Indigo should think about their rates when Sandy leaves the "glimmer of their eye."
HT has had good deals in NYC. I've scored a few. But this isn't one of them and won't be glossed over in a Hurricane Sandy story. Not everyone has bottomless pockets and $519 a night could cripple a stranded guest. People FIRST.