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We've Got The Inside Edition On Edition Hotels

October 31, 2012 at 9:03 AM | by | ()

Construction is certainly coming along over on Berners Street in London, as the historic Berners Hotel continues its transformation into the Edition London.

But what about the actual Edition brand as a whole? In the four years since it was first announced, we've only gotten to see two properties: the Edition Istanbul, and the now ex-Edition Modern Honolulu. And we have it on good authority that Edition London is being hailed as the brand's big re-launch, rather than just hotel number three.

Whose authority, you ask? Why, Edition's new VP of Brand Experience, Ben Pundole. (If that name sounds familiar, then you're right: Pundole was one of the original founders of King & Grove Hotels, though he left the company in June. Now, he works full time for Edition Hotels under the man himself, Ian Schrager).

Read on to hear from Pundole himself about Edition's new direction!

Pundole describes the vibe of the Edition brand as "luxury lifestyle," which he translates into layman terms as "a boutique hotel, grown up." Which doesn't necessarily mean 'a boutique hotel for grown-ups,' (though it does seem like the Edition Hotels will be sophisticated types of places), but...well, you get the idea.

By "grown up," Pundole is likely referring to the fusion of Marriott's machine-like efficiency and Schrager's boundless sense of class. In this sense, Pundole is probably correct when he says Edition will be the "perfect storm" of hotel know-how. With these elements in place, Edition hopes to accomplish something no one else is doing:

"There is lifestyle, there is luxury, and there are a few individual hotels that give off the luxury lifestyle philosophy, but there is still no brand."

We heard about this mix of lifestyle and luxury back in 2010 when Istanbul was getting ready to open. And to be fair, our first glimpse of Istanbul's sexy dark Rosewood interiors did have us drooling a little bit. According to Pundole, places like The Greenwich Hotel and Crosby Street Hotel also achieve that je ne sais quoi of luxury lifestyle, and he takes great inspiration from them.

But how much luxury is too much luxury? And when does a boutique hotel stop 'growing up' before it becomes boring?

To say the least, these tidbits have left us with even more questions about the Edition brand than we had before, so we're certainly curious to see what happens in 2013.

Pundole says the Edition London is set to open late spring/early summer, with Miami and New York on the way, followed by Beijing, Bangkok and Abu Dhabi—a total of ten Edition hotels are currently in the pipeline.

Does this raise more questions for you about the Edition brand? Do you have high hopes, or have you seen it all before? Sound off in the comments below!

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