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Horses Go To Rehab At New Mexico's Tamaya Resort

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New Mexico'sHyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa near Albuquerque is giving a new meaning to the phrase, working vacation. A special resort package offers up chance to send guests to rehab. But this rehab isn't reality TV material or for humans, it aids neglected horses.

In addition to visiting the spa, playing golf, relishing the 350-room resort, or conducting business, meeting and planning groups can build stables, work with wranglers to train horses, or feed and care for rehab horses on the 500-acre property. Guests can name a horse and get updates via a live webcam when they return home. Plus, they have option to rehabilitate a horse for a year, which can cost about $4,000, says Troy Wood, Hyatt's Director of Sales and Marketing.

The program was developed to help horses in the area that have been abandoned or neglected by their owners. Hundreds of horses in New Mexico are sent to slaughter, because their owners are unable to care for them. Many of them are farmers who are struggling financially, contending with the drought, and can’t afford to buy them food. Unfortunately that means they're often left to roam on their own, and many have become sick and malnourished.

The Hyatt's stables, led by Connie Collis, give the horses a safe home, tender-loving-care, and rehabilitation. The resort presently has 50 horses and is caring for five others through its program. Once rehab is completed, the horses will either join other healthy animals in the stables or be adopted out to new owners. Collis screens the horses before they are allowed in the program and on the resort’s grounds. This is apparently necessary because as Wood told us, “You can’t just bring a sick horse on the property from the side of the road.”

Rates begin at $152 per night

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