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Folks On Twitter Remind Us That Hurricane Hotel Stays Can Be Fun Too

October 29, 2012 at 9:33 AM | by | ()

With over 7,000 flights to and from the Northeast canceled last night, plenty of folks are suddenly facing the reality of being stuck in a hotel until the storm passes. Hotels, of course, aren't complaining because, hey, business is business. And just like we saw last year, many hotels are going out of their way to offer special discounts to stranded travelers.

So far, it seems Kimpton, Loews and Ritz-Carlton have been the most vocal about reaching out to guests.

But what about the travelers themselves? We did a quick little scan of hotel guest reactions on Twitter, and, for the most part, it looks like people are making the most of the situation, just relaxing in their hotel rooms, while everyone else scrambles to prepare for the 'worst storm of the century.'

· For comedian Mike Birbiglia (@birbigs) and a few others, the first order of business was scoping out the minibar for emergency food rations: "Sure hope the mini-bar in my hotel has enough food for the apocalypse. Day 1: peanut M & Ms. Day 2: nut assortment, or maybe Coke." Nothing says a complete meal like candy and soda!

· Stocking up on hotel breakfast freebies works too.

· As far as dramatic weather photos taken from hotel rooms, our favorites were this shot taken by @RadioMoBounce from an unnamed TriBeCa hotel, and brandnewjen's Instagram shot taken from inside The Jane.

· We think @THEREALKIMBURSE echoed the thoughts of hundreds of other folks when she wrote: "The hurricane is coming. Let me see what movies are playing on demand in this hotel room." Seriously, if there was ever a time to make use of in-room movies, it's now.

· Meanwhile, @Lheron wasn't too happy about the bright Times Square billboards outside her hotel room (though we can't really blame Sandy for that), and problogger warmed our hearts a bit with his Good Samaritan deed-ing.

We have a call out on Twitter asking folks how their hurricane hotel experiences have been so far. We wanna hear your story! Drop a comment below!

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Archived Comments:

From @distrikthotel on Twitter

Is being stuck in a hotel during a hurricane awful, awesome, or so-so?

"Awesome, get real."

From @robertwcook16 on Twitter

Is being stuck in a hotel during a hurricane awful, awesome, or so-so?


A friend on Facebook

"I'll watch the hurricane thru my hotel room hot tub window. Hi haters !!! -- at THE OUT NYC."