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Hurricane Sandy Must've Had It In For The Park Hyatt New York

Where: 157 West 57th St [map], New York, NY, United States
October 29, 2012 at 6:04 PM | by | ()

Either Hurricane Sandy has unresolved issues with Hyatt, or NYC construction workers didn't properly secure their equipment like they were supposed to. We're guessing it's the latter.

In any case, earlier this afternoon, a crane on top of One57 (the still-in-progress glass tower that's eventually supposed to become the Park Hyatt New York) got snapped in half by howling 60 mph winds, and is currently dangling precariously over 7th Avenue.

Since further winds could cause the crane to collapse completely and fly off into the air, the NYPD is ordering the evacuation of all buildings surrounding the crane, which includes more than a few major hotels (Hilton New York and Le Parker Meridien come to mind).

Did we mention that One57 is also slated to be Manhattan's tallest residential building? Yeah, this is kind of a situation.

A reader sent in the above photo, showing the crane, bent backwards and swaying menacingly 80 stories above the street.

The NY Times reports:

"Generally, when winds are above 30 miles per hour, crane operations must stop, according to the buildings department. When there are sustained winds above 35 m.p.h., contractors must make efforts to secure their cranes.

It was unclear how the crane at One57 was secured.

It was also unclear how it will be safely brought down now that it is damaged."

For the sake of residents and office workers around One57, we certainly hope the rogue crane is brought under control quickly. And for the sake of future Park Hyatt New York guests, we say: hold tight. The hotel originally had an opening date of 2012, which got pushed back to 2013. And now with a fundamental piece of construction equipment decimated? Opening date TBD, at best.

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All I can say is.... yikes! I suppose the guests holed up at Le Parker Meridien aren't enjoying their hurricane hotel stay that much anymore!


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