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P Diddy Crashed His Car Outside the Beverly Hills Hotel

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October 25, 2012 at 9:47 AM | by | ()

Another month, another celebrity car accident outside a hotel. This time, x17online reports that P Diddy and his chauffeur were cruising near the entrance to the Beverly Hills Hotel yesterday afternoon when another driver swerved in front of him, causing Diddy's SUV to slam into the other vehicle.

Unsurprisingly, several photographers were on the scene lickety split, and caught shots of Diddy looking slightly dazed and confused, laying down on the Bev Hills' lawn.

The front of his Cadillac Escalade was pretty smashed up, and as of now it is unconfirmed whether Diddy, his driver, or the other party, sustained any injuries. (Though for the sake of future hotel bathtub music video hilarity, we hope he's ok!)

We gotta say, we don't like how frequent these types of stories are becoming: remember what happened at the Dream Downtown and The Mercer over the summer? Of course, no one's saying that these accidents are planned or done on purpose, but we really wish celebs would be more careful with their cars around hotels!

In the meantime, we hope Diddy gets better fast so he can get back to whatever business he was on his way to at the Beverly Hills hotel. If he's anything like us, it probably had something to do with grilled cheese.

[Photos: TheEmpressOfDress; DansHamptons]

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At least he had a driver...

unlike a certain madam who insists on getting behind the wheel.

These roads aren't safe anymore!