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Even Picks An Odd Location For Its First New York Hotel

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  Site Where: 219 E 44th St [map], New York, NY, United States, 10017
October 25, 2012 at 9:04 AM | by | ()

UPDATE 3:41pm: Even Hotels informs us that while the 44th St property is the first one they've announced, it won't actually be the first Even Hotel to open. Keep an eye out for more Even news in the coming months!

After several months of silence, it looks like IHG have finally settled on a location for the world's New York's first-ever Even Hotel.

Considering how much love NYC's been getting from various hotel brands, we're not too surprised to hear Even will be marking its territory there too.

IHG first announced the new healthy, fitness-oriented brand back in February. And though we learned a ton about what to expect inside the hotels (free WiFi, sparse furniture, peppy slogans written on the bathroom walls, extra-healthy food), we still didn't know where—or when—we would get to see one.

TravelPulse reports that the first Even Hotel in New York will open in 2014 at 219 E 44th St, which strikes us as a bit of an odd location, since it's practically on the East River, and nowhere near the subway. But unless that's the point? To compel guests to do even more exercise getting to and from the hotel? As if the in-room yoga mats and weight benches weren't enough?

The report goes on to say that IHG plans to sign deals for 100 Even Hotels around the country by 2017 in New York, Washington and San Francisco.

For now, we'll just keep quiet and take what we get as far as the new Manhattan location, as we're mostly just curious to get inside these hotels and see what they look like. The concept bears some resemblance to Starwood's Element brand, which we already have plenty of hotel lust for.

So how Even manages to make itself stand out, without polarizing too many guests, remains to be seen.

Any thoughts on Even Hotels' choice of location? Are you planning on staying here in 2014? Let us know in the comments below!

Archived Comments:

Location, Location....

The site is only a block and half from the subway (4,5,6); equidistant from the Alex, AKA and other hotels.  Close enough to pick-up UN biz, as well as corporate from the 3rd and Lexington Ave corridors, along with an active TV studio on the opposite side of the street.  Could be better, yes, but odd, no, certainly for midtown.