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Fantasy Friday: Ritz-Carlton Seoul's $80,000 Spa Package

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October 26, 2012 at 1:49 PM | by | ()

This is one glamorous Friday with two, count 'em 2, Fantasy Friday posts. The first one was dreaming about rubbing elbows with the rich and famous at Huka Lodge in New Zealand. Now this luxurious hotel package comes to you from Seoul, South Korea and is not for the penny-pincher. Super extravagance comes in the forms of an $80K spa treatment at the city's Ritz Carlton.

The hotel created a package specially designed for high-rolling Chinese tourists that chartered a flight to Seoul to be poked and prodded all to walk away looking and feeling younger. Part of a full tour package that allows for travelers to pick their poison, as it is, and tailor-fit their vacation because well, they have enough cash to throw around. The price range for the anti-aging packages start at $440 and tops out at $87,680. We don't think that includes tip.

Of the 180 tourists that signed-up for the special trip, each received an 8-night stay at the hotel and provided a list of a la carte services to make their more experience more unique. Three guests took advantage of the full-package program which includes a stem cell treatment ranging from $8,768 to $43,800 and a six-month supply of nutritional supplements. The more affordable option at just over $44,000 was taken by about 30 other travelers; the package included a full-physical, plastic surgery, hair transplants and skin care.

These packages were a special offer, but we are sure that if you are baller enough to throw around $80,000 on a spa service, you can convince the concierge to organize this. The new hybrid term for this type of hotel stay is 'meditel'. Whatever it's called, we aren't too sure that this type of hotel will gain in popularity in the US. At least, we hope not.

[Photo: Ritz Carlton Seoul]

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