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Did We Inadvertently Jinx The Eden Roc Miami?

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October 22, 2012 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

Remember back in April when we found out that Eden Roc had decided to sue Marriott? Well, it looks like now it's Marriott's turn to be pissed off.

BusinessWeek reports that some shady business went down in Miami Beach the other week. Well, in addition to whatever other shady business goes down there regularly. But, in this case, the perpetrator was Eden Roc, who attempted to pull off a Waikiki-style shakedown, launching an "egregious raid in the pre-dawn hours" on October 14.

Though the shakedown wasn't successful, it got the message across to Marriott, who's now seeking help from the court to prevent Eden Roc from trying again.

No word yet on how the Kardashians have been affected.

As we recall, the news wasn't good back in April for the hotel's future, and it certainly doesn't look any rosier now.

The original complaint by Eden Roc's owners, of course, was that they had lost too much money as a result of Marriott's mis-management of the property. Now, they want Marriott totally out of the picture, and on October 14 they took matters into their own hands.

What's funny is that when we wrote the story back in April, we actually said:

"On the bright side, at least Eden Roc didn't send a bunch of armed guards and off-duty police officers to the hotel in the middle of the night to kick out the Renaissance management team?"

Oops! Looks like we may have inadvertently jinxed the whole thing, since, judging from BusinessWeek, that is exactly what ended up happening.

After the early morning raid, Eden Roc owners even sent out a press release detailing the hotel's new management team and new website. They also spent a few substantial paragraphs totally trashing Marriott for "years of mismanagement."

However, a judge ruled that Renaissance is still the legal operator of the hotel, and cannot be kicked out so easily. So while we don't see a bright future between Marriott and Eden Roc, for now it looks like they'll just have to learn to play nice.

We'd like to stay positive and think this will all get sorted out quickly, but the truth is, we know these things can get messy fast and take time to be cleaned up. After all, nobody can forget what happened in Waikiki...

Meanwhile, if staying at a hotel in the midst of a shakedown is your thing, then by all means: reservations remain open, and we found low, low rates next week starting at $209/night—make that $239/night if you want a Halloween trick-or-treat bag.

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