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Viceroy New York Very Well Might Be, Maybe, Opening Next Year

October 18, 2012 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

For a while now, there's been rumors swirling of a possible Viceroy New York. You know, a proper Viceroy. Nothing against Cassa Hotel: yes, technically it became Viceroy's first NYC hotel last January. But since it falls under the "Urban Retreat" heading, it's technically in a different category than the other Viceroy-branded hotels.

However, things seem to be moving forward, ever so slightly. Viceroy CEO Bill Walshe played coy with a group of reporters yesterday when the topic of a Viceroy New York came up, saying that a Manhattan property "very well may be" opening within a year, and furthermore that, if such a property were to open, it would likely sit within a 15 block radius of Times Square. Of course, nothing could be confirmed.

As we already know, Viceroy sure has been busy over the past few years. By no means did Cassa Hotel represent the company's only recent takeover: all Tides-branded properties were re-launched this year as Viceroy hotels, plus L'Ermitage Beverly Hills and Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi each got bitten by the Viceroy bug in the past year too.

What's more, Viceroy is opening not one, but two new properties in Turkey. And the company has its sights set on European urban destinations like Paris and Milan.

Nonetheless, we take a particular interest in this hypothetical NYC hotel in the Times Square vicinity—more than anything, we're just curious to see which hotel they'll be taking over, and why.

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[Photo: Viceroy Hotel Group]

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What is up with l'ermitage?

Is that officially Viceroy Beverly Hills or what? The transition is taking forever!