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ZOMG! NYC Thompson Hotels Have Food Truck Concierges

October 16, 2012 at 1:16 PM | by | ()

We don’t know anyone not mildly obsessed with food trucks, so this bit of news made us grin with greedy pleasure. Thompson Hotels’ New York properties have a dedicated Food Truck Concierge!

Just let that one sink in for a sec...OK? You ready?

Here’s the deal, this person’s job is to help guests find their favorite food truck without the agony and wails of “For the love of Lucifer, where is the Grilled Cheese Truck today?” Because we’ve all been there, in whatever city that has these culinary mobile kingdoms. We can never find them, we’re Tweeting like a mofo looking for their location, or dammit Jim, we just missed ‘em.

That’s why we think the Thompson Food Truck Concierge is flaming genius. Let's explain the concept.

This Thompson dude knows where to get tacos at 2am--trust.

The FTC (ha!) can advise on the exact locations and cooking times of trucks across the city, and even help download a food truck app (there’s that word again) to your iPhone (still no love for Android!). Now you can find the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, Rickshaw Dumpling Truck, Tacos Morelos, and more with ease.

It gets better. The New York hotels have come up with a smattering of special ‘Food Truck Lover' offers.
Here are two we like:
Gild Hall
Food Concierge Favorite Food Truck: Wafels & Dinges
Weekend package rates at this Financial District hotel begin at $299 through March 31st 2013(subject to availability, blah blah), and include a welcome champagne cocktail and free WiFi.
Smyth Tribeca
Food Concierge Favorite Food Truck: TriBeCa Taco Truck
This package guarantees the Best Available Rate for that day, a Fat Witch Brownie welcome amenity, a free Thompson iPhone case, a download of local food truck app, and complimentary WiFi.

These specials are bookable via www.thompsonhotels.com using code ‘FOODTRUCK’.


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