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What's Up With All This Dog Sh*t?

October 17, 2012 at 3:34 PM | by | ()

Seriously - what's up with this new "bring your dog every-freakin-where" hotel trend?

We scratched our heads a bit when we saw hotels were hosting full-on dog-party weekends, but now our scalp is starting to bleed. Hotels are consistently involving pets in their promotions these days, and it's as if no one has ever heard of a dog sitter.

For example: The Surrey Hotel in New York City has partnered with a biscuit company to provide their canine guests with an in-room biscuit menu, where dogs also get a welcome note and their choice of Beef Bourguignon, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Truffle Mac & Cheese or Lobster Roll flavored treats. These pooches are grubbing better than we are! It goes on.

The Vanderbilt Grace has a package offering dogs paw rubs, soap-on-a-rope handmade lather and the option to purchase a custom dog robe. The Fairmont Hotels have caught onto the trend as well: The one in San Francisco teamed up with a local boutique to sell designer pet "pawducts," and Boston's The Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel has decorated a room in honor of its canine ambassador, who guests can take for a walk or correspond with via e-mail. The end is truly near, folks.

Yeah, just want we want - to walk someone else's dog while on the road. Perhaps we're naive, and we know people love their pets, but we thought dogs often eat poop and can't read. Have they advanced lately and obtained Gmail accounts?

One thing's certain--if we see the word "pawducts" in a press release one more time, we're going to snap someone's leash.

Are these Doggy Deals doing anything for you? Let us know in comments below!

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Archived Comments:

Been going on for years!

This has been going on forever. My fave was the Hilton in Rome that put Gucci water and food bowls in rooms for doggie guests. Personally, I wold never bring my dog to a hotel unless I had to. I did it once for fun and he barked at everyone who walked by in the hallway. Not fun!

Dogs in Hotels

I know from my experience in Las Vegas that dogs are a big business for many of the major hotels.  Not too long ago there was only ONE hotel on the strip (The Four Seasons) that allowed dogs -- and people payed a premium for their dog to be with them there.  Realizing that dog owning customers not only are willing to pay retail for Vegas rooms, but a premium on top of that, Caesars Entertainment has now allotted dog friendly floors at all of their Las Vegas hotels.  What's nice about the big Vegas places is that they can literally allot a full floor to dogs -- something that smaller boutique hotels probably can't do; but at the same time, if I were a hotel owner I'd try and tap this seemingly lucrative market in any city.

Hotels were Petlovers too

It only shows that they have customers who are really fond of dogs and they recognized it. So, instead of loosing valuable customers because of not allowing dog in hotel they allow dogs in their hotel.

I love dogs, but....

...I don't trust the hotels to clean the rooms thoroughly enough after their canine guests leave.  I do not want to rest my head on a pillow that some pooch rubbed its ass all over the night before, nor do I want to deal with the hair and other doggie detritus.  i love other people's dogs, but not where I am going to sleep.  This trend is really unfair to those of us who like a really clean hotel.


I am highly allergic to animal dander and have been in a few hotels where I can tell they haven't vacuumed up properly after a pet has left. Then I'm left grabbing my inhaler for dear life and crazily rubbing my nose. We all know housekeeping only has a few minutes to turn over a room, so add worrying about doggy doo in addition to what we already know lurks behind the blue light!

Dogs are family, now

We'll know dogs have made it when hotels gyms are equipped for Fido, too.  Families own dog treadmills, and doggie daycares use them, too...when will hotels catch up?  My dogs would be thrilled!

Re: Dogs are family, now

Besides the fact that dogs like to be outside, would you really want a canine treadmill in your hotel room? Or do you mean dog treadmills in the fitness center to walk beside you as you work out?

Pets are Popular

Pets are popular but why should that stop you from travelling with them? I don't like the idea of leaving my dog with a sitter for long periods. So when booking my next ski holiday I turned to Powder White Ltd(www.powderwhite.com) who allow dogs in their ski chalets, so guess what... I booked with them... Simples!