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Ontario, Not Germany, Will Get the First International Element Hotel

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October 16, 2012 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

UPDATE 12:58pm: Looks like Ontario isn't the only Canadian destination Starwood's got their eye on. Element Vancouver was actually announced last year. However, since it won't open until 2014, Element Ontario is still the reigning champ when it comes to the international scene.

Looks like we may have jumped the gun with that Element Frankfurt news we reported the other week. Not to say the news was incorrect: Element Frankfurt is still happening, and it will still be the brand's first European hotel.

However, before that one opens (2014 is the projected date), Ontario is set to get an Element in 2013. And since Ontario is the brand's first non-US location, this will mark Element's international debut. Sorry, Germans!

Traditionally, Starwood has used Element's eco-friendly template as a sort of testing lab for eco-friendly initiatives which it then rolls out to its other brands like Westin and Sheraton. So, in a way, America is the testing lab for Element before it gets rolled out to other countries. Meaning that all subsequent Element hotels (as in, the ones opening in places like Frankfurt, Oman, and, now, Ontario) will be the best, most up-to-date versions of the brand, whose slogan (in case you wanted to know) is "Space to live."

We don't need to enumerate all the reasons why we love Element hotels (actually, we just did that for Element Times Square at the beginning of the month). But what we can say is, Ontarians, if you happen to be fans of foldable bicycles, kitchenettes, and multi-device charge stations, then we think you'll like what's coming your way.

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Where, exactly?

Ontario is as large as Texas and Montana combined, so a bit of specificity might be useful.

A look at Starwood's press site finds a May 2012 release mentioning a 2013 opening in Vaughan, an outer suburb of Toronto.