Guess the Hotel With The Big Red Bookcase

October 12, 2012 at 9:15 AM | by | ()

It's been a while since we last spun the Guess The Hotel wheel, but something about this week told us we (and hopefully you) could use a little fun. So, without further ado, your clues:

· At the risk of making this too easy (or too impossible, for that matter), we'd like to draw your attention to the most obvious thing about this photo: the bookcase is empty. And it's empty for a reason...

· This hotel has been busy having 'work done' for quite a while, though it remains open. Still, things aren't quite put back together, as evidenced by this photo.

· This hotel is located in a major city, and specifically, near a major transit center. If there were books in the bookcase, there'd probably be a few about the iconic architecture that surrounds the hotel.

· Finally, the aforementioned renovations haven't affected the lobby (where this photo was taken) too much: a modest-sized check-in area, lounge, and restaurant remain mostly recognizable, save for some new colors on the walls and furniture, and new lighting.

Well, we think we've been generous enough for now with the clues. Think you know where we're talking about? Say so in the comments below!

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Was First for Spirits not Books

Westin Grand Central, formerly the NY Helmsley