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The Staten Island Ferris Wheel Will Get Its Own Hotel

October 1, 2012 at 9:44 AM | by | ()

The news broke this weekend that Staten Island, NYC's least-populated borough, will be building the world's largest Ferris Wheel, set to exceed the heights of the London Eye, Vegas' upcoming High Roller wheel, and the Singapore Flyer (which currently holds the record at 541 feet). Mayor Bloombeg made the announcement on Thursday, and the NY Times followed it up, saying the 625-foot structure will be completed by 2015.

And, since good news comes in threes, it turns out that a new hotel will accompany the opening of the Ferris Wheel. Fun!

Not too many details are known, but CNBC reports that the Staten Island Ferry terminal complex will also include a 350,000 sq ft shopping mall and a hotel. What's more, due to the large scale of the project, this time we can likely look forward to something more substantial than just a Residence Inn (sorry, Bronx.)

As several NY Times commenters grumpily pointed out, this is likely part of some long-schemed major redevelopment plan that will drive NYC tourists around some of the outer boroughs and explore the city's more obscure gems. Brooklyn has certainly been enjoying a hotel renaissance in the past several years, and though Queens has taken longer to gain momentum, this new Staten Island project is likely all part of the same initiative.

Of course, let's just remember there won't be anything record-breaking about the hotel itself, just the Ferris Wheel. But that doesn't mean we can't get excited about a new hotel being built in a borough that doesn't often receive a ton of love. And with the right brand (Westin? JW Marriott?), it might mean people actually want to stay on the island long after the wheel has dropped them back on the ground.

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