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Yes, Of Course There Are More Lindsay Lohan Hotel Antics

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October 1, 2012 at 2:02 PM | by | ()

10 days. That's all that's passed since the last Lindsay Lohan NYC hotel debacle. Now, as much as we have been clowning our girl hard on her antics, this might be one incident in her favor.

According to various reports including The New York Daily News, Lohan was hanging out on September 30th at 1 Oak, a nightclub in Chelsea. Apparently she was with a 25-year old congressional aide named Christian LaBella. Somewhere between the nightclub and returning to Lohan's digs for the night, a $500-a-night suite at the W New York Union Square, things got ugly. Lohan accused LaBella of taking photos of her with his cellphone and emailing them around, which he has denied. A ruckus ensued, and Lohan claims LaBella tried to choke her and she had to hide in her suite's bathroom for safety. She filed charges and LaBella counter filed his own.

However, it all seems to have blown over quickly as police say charges against LaBella have been dropped, even though according to Lohan's mother Dina, who told the New York Daily News Sunday afternoon, “She’s very shaken up.” and “Thank God he didn’t have a weapon.”

The details are as sketchy as all Lohan saga's seem to be these days, with her damn near running down folks at the The Dream Downtown just last month (that court date is scheduled for Oct. 23).

But then that means delving more into this story that might have more twists and turns then we can stomach. And we're just not sure we want to do that as we're getting straight tired of these "adventures" and Lohan terrorizing these poor NYC hotels! Instead, we'll stay in our lane and lament how once again staff and cops have to get involved with this woman, when we're sure they have bigger fish to fry.

Meanwhile, Lohan left the W Hotel early Sunday afternoon and went to her mom's house on Long Island. We're thinking she should make that her home base while she's in New York City and give the hotels a break--though something tells us, there's a blacklist brewing anyway.

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