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Movie About A Sex Addict Shot Multiple Scenes in (Duh) The Standard Hotel

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January 9, 2012 at 10:15 AM | by | ()

Michael Fassbender could have just been going along with the Standard New York's exhibitionist trend when witnesses caught him in the act inside one of the hotel's see-through rooms. But as it turns, out, Fassbender was just filming one of the scenes for Shame, a new movie directed by Steve McQueen that follows the life of a sex-crazed businessman (played by Fassbender) in NYC. And, not to condone such lurid behavior, but, man, this guy gets down. Like, everywhere.

Including The Standard, which beautifully sets the scene for two climactic moments in the film. The first happens inside the Boom Boom Room, where Carey Mulligan (who plays Fassbender's sister), made up a little like Marilyn Monroe, treats bar guests to a somber rendition of "New York, New York"—and you can literally see the twinkle of the skyline in the background.

Later on, two of Fassbender's many (many, many) sex scenes take place inside what is clearly one of the hotel's west-facing rooms, though The Standard's name is never mentioned. Shoes fly off, hands are pressed against windows...you get the idea. And if you happened to be strolling the High Line during the day of filming, let's just say you were treated to a real sneak preview.

When NY Mag interviewed McQueen about the movie, they asked if he manages to get free rooms at the Standard now that the film is out. He answered quickly, "God no!"

As for the sex scenes, let's just all keep in mind: this is indeed how some (or many) people use hotel rooms. Expensive, but convenient, ways to throw in a quick shag during the lunch break. And if the view happens to be pleasant, then so much the better. But trust us, these guests are most certainly not checking in for the free toiletries.

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