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Hold the Phone: The Public Chicago Will Be Offering Rooms for Just a $1

Where: 1301 N. State Pkwy [map], Chicago, IL, United States, 60610
January 10, 2012 at 8:45 AM | by | ()

We never once thought the rooms at the hot new award-winning Public Hotel in Chicago were too pricey (we stayed there on opening night for $135 and have recently seen specials for $100 a night) but it looks like hotelier Ian Schrager is staying true to his promise to make Public available to the public--because he's just announced the hotel's first ever ONE DOLLAR SALE.

For a 90-day period starting on a secret date, Public will offer three special guest rooms per night, each with a rate of just $1. Not $10, not $5, ONE DOLLAR.

Once the sale goes live, prospective guests have 48 hours to book a room for $1 within the 90-day booking period (meaning you can book your stay either 10 days or 90 days in advance.)

It is first come, first served so there is no time to think it over, text with your boyfriend, DM your roommate or ask your friends on Facebook if you think you should book it. You just book it. Right there, right away. And then you can use the savings to have a seriously gluttonous meal down at The Pump Room.

To get in on the sale, sign-up to receive the One Dollar Sale email at www.publichotels.com/chicago/dollar. (The site will go live on Thursday, Jan. 12.) Doing that will get you a priority email when the sale kicks off. The One Dollar Sale will also be announced through social media, email, Public's own website and the hotel's partners so you can't miss it. Not sure what to expect from Public? We've got it covered--inside and out--right here.

Now if you're curious as to why Public is offering rooms for a $1, we have to admit we were wondering the same thing. We know Chicago in the winter is a tough sell but a $1 is a little drastic. Yet Schrager tells us it's just a part of what Public is all about.

“PUBLIC is a brand that stands for outstanding value - not to mention sophisticated, authentic style and spot-on service. We thought this would be a really fun thing to offer our guests to expose them to how special the hotel is."

And given that the announcement for this sale was preceded by the words, "First Ever", we're keeping our fingers crossed that $1 rooms become a Public tradition.

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