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How To Sleep With Practically Anyone At a Starwood Hotel

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  Site Where: Pohjoisesplanadi 29 , Helsinki, Finland, 00100
January 10, 2012 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

Hotel Kamp in Helsinki is owned by Starwood

The New York Daily News is reporting on a lawsuit between Wall Street banker Alison Fournier and Starwood Hotels, who gave an unknown man the key to Fournier's Helsinki hotel room, after he explained to the Front Desk that he was her husband. Creepy! And kinda unbelievable.

The surveillance video depicts an American man showing up at the Hotel Kamp's Front Desk, drunkenly explaining he had been locked out from his wife's room, and walking away with the key. Minutes later, he entered Fournier's room, took his clothes off and got into bed with her. Creepy again! Though half-asleep, and alone, Fournier immediately realized what was going on and ran straight out of the room. Starwood has called the event "very unfortunate" and is looking into the facts before taking any further action.

Like, um, an apology?

Interestingly, the lawyer representing Fournier is none other than Gloria Allred, who's basically known for always wanting to be known—as explored in her current profile in Los Angeles Magazine this month. Allred previously worked on the Herman Cain sexual harassment case.

About the current Starwood lawsuit, Allred had this to say:

"She made it very clear she was not interested in him. In fact, she went to her hotel room to get away from him. Once she was inside her locked room she felt safe.

However, now it was the same man whom she had rebuffed who was climbing into her bed and groping her naked body. She was certain she was about to be raped."

Sadly, though she emerged physically unharmed, Fournier was so rattled by the event that she has given up her job retreated to Florida, where she now lives with her parents.

Just two months ago, we made a big deal about always deadbolting your hotel room door. Because whether its jewels or your safety at stake, you never know who might be lurking around that hotel hallway. And you really don't want to find out. As pro skater Jerome Rogers so expertly demonstrated last week inside Manhattan's Affinia Shelburne.

[Photo: Hotel Kamp]

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