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Kelly Hoppen Goes Lux* In Mauritius

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January 6, 2012 at 3:35 PM | by | ()

A Hoppen-designed room

There are few excuses we need to dream of Mauritius. Mauritius + celeb designer redoing a hotel? Super-excuse.

So thanks to Kelly Hoppen for signing up as designer for the LUX* Belle Mare. Not familiar with the property? It was called the Beau Rivage until December, when its owners Naiade Resorts rebranded as LUX*Island Resorts (going for the Wallpaper crowd, anyone?).

The redesign will be fully unveiled in September this year (she's already done the Honeymoon Suites and Pool Villas), but according to the hotel, the inspiration will be “Island Light” – or rather, a “lighter, brighter interpretation of luxury”. Think neutrals with bright – and we’re talking bright - accents of turquoise, fuchsia, apple green, orange, purple and Chinese red.

Expect things to be simple, if not sparse, because there's a lot of furniture in that photo. According to the hotel, “in room collateral has been kept to the minimum” so that Hoppen can do her thing with specially chosen artwork. La Hoppen, meanwhile, says we should look out for:

The same sort of minimalist luxury that Brigitte Bardot made famous at Saint Tropez in the 60s.

Not entirely sure what that means, but from the pictures it looks pretty zingy and fresh for a beachside location, and definitely better than the current decor. We’ll check back in September.

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Spa Confidential

The hotel has cute touches like a pop-up cinema at the beach, secret bars that appear at unexpected places around the resort. It also has an old-fashioned phone box that you can call anywhere in the world from for free.