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W Downtown Warms Up New Yorkers The Only Way It Knows How: Free Hot Chocolate

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January 5, 2012 at 9:15 AM | by | ()

New York most definitely was getting too cold for us yesterday, when we found ourselves strolling through lower Manhattan, near the 9/11 memorial. So cold, in fact, that we made an impulse decision to go hide out in the W Downtown for a few minutes, seeing as the crowds on a Wednesday afternoon were minimal.

The hotel's relative emptiness also worked in our favor when we got up to the fifth-floor Living Room bar and noticed, to our sheer delight, the bar was offering free cups of hot chocolate. And not, like, a one-cup-per-person deal. It was self-serve. And it was gooood!

Tucked in a corner at one end of the bar was a small thermal dispenser, surrounded by candles, as well as a small placard that read: "Yummy hot chocolate! Enjoy!" So we did.

The funniest part of our discovery, perhaps, was the fact that no one else seemed to know about it. No other guests in the lobby were sipping from W-sleeved cups like us (granted, it was fairly deserted, as we mentioned before). But even the staff behind the bar were clueless!

We asked one bartender if this has been a regular feature in the Living Room all winter, to which he responded:

"Wait, there's hot chocolate? No way! I'm totally getting me some of that.

And quickly proceeded to hop around the bar and pour him a steaming cup—though not before thanking us for the tip.

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