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IHG To Create a New Hotel Brand Just for China

Where: China
January 4, 2012 at 11:36 AM | by | ()

The Forbidden City, Beijing

A new year and a new hotel brand is coming to the masses! Well, the masses of one particular country, that is. InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) is working on rolling out a new hotel brand but this one will only be found in China.

News reports today say IHG will launch the upscale brand in the country within the next six months and will eventually expand the brand across Asia Pacific. And it apparently doesn't matter that IHG already has 160 hotels in China with 140 more in the works (like the Hotel Indigo Hong Kong.) Instead, IHG is placing their bets on the idea that the Chinese want a domestically-grown brand to call their own. (Even though, technically, the IHG corporate HQ is based in London.)

IHG has 12 development contracts in the works for this new brand in Beijing and Shanghai and some second and third tier cities. One thing IHG is still working on, however, is a name.

But if China isn't in your travel plans in 2012, don't worry. IHG is also working on a new mid-market hotel brand for the U.S. That's the first we've heard of this so we'll have to do some more investigating but boy, 2012 is getting to be rather exciting.

Got any scoop on the new Chinese hotel brand from IHG or the new brand coming to the U.S.? Let us know!

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Very good point

Crowne Plaza did announce some makeover plans back in October but they might need to do more to repair the brand. I'm thinking a name change might be necessary.


Yeah I have stay at one I was obviuosly expecting more but it was not as good as I thought

Crowne Makeover

One would think after IHG recently revamped Holiday Inn fairly successfully, dumping 1000+ properties and bringing on new ones, they should be in practice to revamp Crowne Plaza.