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Luxury Collection Premiers Final Cut Inside The Producer's Suite

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January 30, 2012 at 8:53 AM | by | ()

It's Guess the Hotel revealed!

Were you able to figure anything out from the video we posted on Friday? Two people called out The Chatwal, which was correct! We were there last week, in the Producer's Suite on the tenth floor, to watch a new promotional video by Luxury Collection called HERE.

If you're at all restless like us, you might wind up booking an impromptu trip to Vermont, Scottsdale and/or Hawaii after you watch it. The 15-minute film is set at Equinox Resort & Spa, The Phoenician and The Royal Hawaiian, Waikiki successively, and each hotel comes off looking more idyllic than the next.

Enviously, we watch as supermodel Agyness Deyn goes on a hotel treasure hunt around the US—from train to plane, woods to desert, and so on—taking directions from a series of anonymous, wax-sealed letters. Seemingly at the whim of some remote lover/friend/travel agent, Deyn ends up in some pretty beautiful places. If only she had thought to invite us along for the ride...

A handful of major Hollywood names (Jason Schwartzman composed the music, Agyness Deyn stars, and Tilda Swinton's name is attached as well) all got involved with the project, which is interesting because it's basically a glorified, 15-minute travel commercial. But though this piece isn't about to win any Oscars, we're guessing there was one main incentive that prompted the big shots to jump on board: creative freedom.

Producer Waris Ahluwalia (who's also the brand's current Global Explorer) told us they were free to pick from any of LC's portfolio of properties, as long as they accurately portrayed the scope of America and its jaw-dropping scenery.

Take the last scene, for example. Who knew the Royal Hawaiian's bright pink bell tower offered such stunning views of the surrounding cliffs when climbed? Who knew you could climb it at all?

Harnessing the film's undeniable wanderlust-y appeal, Luxury Collection is now offering a HERE package to tour each of the three hotels. Which can promise pretty much everything director Luca Guadagnino captured in the film. Minus Deyn's awesome clothes, or the body it takes to wear them.

[Photo: Luxury Collection]

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