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Waldorf-Astoria to Remove All Traces of The Elysian When it Takes Over Next Month

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January 24, 2012 at 3:30 PM | by | ()

Even though this hotel memory-erasing was expected, it still makes us sad. The luxe Elysian Hotel in Chicago will be no more come February 1 when the Waldorf-Astoria takes it over.

Waldorf is wiping the Elysian name from every nook and cranny, starting with the front entrance sign and then working their way up into the guest rooms to include the stationary, the bathrobes and literally anything else that says Elysian on it.

The good news is that the Chicago Tribune reports that pretty much everything else inside the hotel, as well as all the services, will remain the same.

What will stay the same is nearly everything else that has cemented the hotel's reputation for refinement: heated cobblestones in the courtyard, staff members who greet guests with platters of Evian bottles and a stunning, sunburst-shaped chandelier in the lobby modeled after a brooch by Coco Chanel.

That should please all those TripAdvisor members who voted the hotel the best in the U.S. If you're looking to be the first to stay at the Waldorf-Astoria Chicago, room rates start at $395 on February 1.

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As a young traveler (28) The Elysian in Chicago was always a hotel I counted on to spoil my girlfriend and I with the highest regards to service. It is a brand I have followed and studied. I loved the brand, loved the name, and even more loved what the name meant. "Resting Place of the Gods." The fact that they are destroying this highly awarded new brand instead of embracing and developing it further makes it a sad day in the hotel world.  Personally, being from NYC I have never once recommended friends or family to stay at The Waldorf-Astoria because of its stuffy name and antique feeling it evokes simply just by uttering the words from my mouth. With all the new hotels opening in Chicago, the word is already out that the Elysian is best in service and "refined coolness"  whether you are young or old. By re branding they are going to have to start all over from a marketing stand point and with the public (not that public ;)). They will now compete with a much larger comp set that grows every day and have to battle itself as they deal with the boring old world image the Waldorf projects.