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The Trump Soho is Also Offering 'Secret' Upgrades

January 2, 2012 at 12:23 PM | by | ()

The other month we walked you through the somewhat secret $9 upgrade trick at the Radisson Blu Chicago which we found on our reservation confirmation. Lo and behold, we found the very same upgrade option last week after reserving a room at the Trump Soho in Manhattan.

The link to the eStandby Upgrade system (an airline-like upgrade service in place at several hotels like Hard Rock Las Vegas and Kimpton Hotels) was at the very bottom of our reservation link and it sort of looked like a fake ad.

We almost dismissed it at first but then why would Trump be putting fake ads on guest reservations? They wouldn't so cautiously we clicked and voila, this appeared.

The savings are not astounding but in New York City where nearly $50 in taxes are added to each night's stay, this is a good way to save a few bucks while upgrading your room or view. And if your upgrade doesn't go through, no harm, no foul, as you won't be charged for it.

As for us, we already splurged on a one-bedroom suite (at $416 a night) but maybe next time we'll book a regular room and chance it with an upgrade!

Archived Comments:

Royalton does this, too

I got one of these emails (using the same reservation software, by the looks of it) when I booked at Royalton a couple of months back. I didn't end up going through with the upgrade, but having the option to do so (at just $19 extra, for a bump to the next room category) was certainly appreciated. More of this, please, hotels!