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Now You Can Try Stinky Kombucha On Tap At Hyatt 48Lex

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January 19, 2012 at 9:34 AM | by | ()

What is kombucha, you ask? It's that fermented, sparkling, slightly vinegar-y drink that everyone's obsessed with lately (brands like Synergy and Wonder Drink are the ones most commonly found in stores). Because it's made with live cultures, the health benefits—digestion, immune system boost, energy boost—are supposedly out of this world.

And now, Hyatt 48Lex guests can get it whenever they want. Lexington Brass, the hotel's ground-floor, mirror-walled eatery, is serving kombucha on tap, and it seems like people are kinda into it. Lexington Brass' manager, Todd Enany, said the drink is popular during the breakfast crowds, and they've been averaging about 100 glasses per week.

We just hope that fermented smell stays put in the restaurant, and doesn't start wafting up into the rooms!

Enany told the WSJ:

"It's a nice alternative to an orange juice or coffee or tea because it does have that effervescent sort of awakening effect, sort of like taking your morning vitamins."

And, we should add, a good way to offset the assault of those jelly donut pancakes we wrote about last Fall.

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