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The Concierge Will Text You Now at the Mr. C Hotel

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January 19, 2012 at 12:05 PM | by | ()

Texting is so mainstream that even your parents (and maybe even your grandparents) are doing it. But have you ever texted with a hotel concierge before?

We haven't and we didn't even think that was an option until we met Venicio "Choy" Flores, the head concierge at the Mr. C Hotel in Los Angeles. During our interview with Choy (which we'll show next week), he let us know that he is available by text for guests anytime they need him. He even showed us a little correspondence with one guest (below) who was beyond pleased with Choy's honeymoon surprise for the guest and his wife.

Now, we're not saying you should eliminate human interaction entirely when dealing with concierges but the option of texting is a lot easier than having to keep stopping by the desk. Are we right? Let us know if you've texted a concierge before in comments below!!

Stay tuned next week for when Choy tells us what is the craziest request he's ever fielded!

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Andaz in NYC already does that - it's a great idea!


interesting spelling.
sounds like a gud ayedeea

Great Idea!

I've never seen it at a hotel, but I have seen it at restaurants where they text you when your table is ready. I would definitely utilize this service at a hotel if it was offered.


Not really all that novel and has been done w/little fan-fair for several years. What could be problematic is that "texting" is via a personal cell phone in most cases.  Having back is suspect and a hotel has no way of verifying information should the employee be off for the day or worse, no longer employed. It makes for a cute story but would you deal with your bank, Dr., airline, etc in this way?

Speaking from a Concierge point of view

I dont think its a good idea. At least not at first. Part of your hotel experience is talking to your Concierge face to face and getting a real feel of the city. Texting is so impersonal. However if im confirming a reservation for a guest or following up with a guest after ive met them its ok. Calling from a room or texting is an east cop out to not tip your Concierge...

Speaking from a Different Concierge point of view!

At the Wyndham Hotel in Chicago, with the assistance of the web based GoConcierge program, which offers a calendar integrated online a sms messaging option, we have successfully used text messaging both to and from guests (without use of concierge personal cell)for the last 2 or 3 years.     The needs of the guest is what usually dictates the means of communication.  whether it be face to face, phone email, text, fax or Morse code etc etc they all have their place the key is we are interacting and connecting.  Like anything else texting can be as impersonal as confirming a resv time or it can provide a level of accessibility that distinguishes your hotel's concierge desk from other hotels. The constraints of sms messaging restrict its usefulness to basic exchange of information but if you lost your map and can not remember what bus to get back to hotel being able to contact the concierge directly and in real time is huge!  I would also like to add that a professional concierge instinctively strives to provide assistance to all guests who seek them out and by whatever means employed.  Additionally, a professional concierge also inherently will provide their assistance being careful whenever possible to fully handle the requests  with minimal further effort or imposition up the guest.  Operating  from that perspective, it seems quite a misguided, offensive and shameful that the previous comment claiming to speak from a "Concierge point of view"  concludes that those seeking assistance via hotel room phone or sms message are doing so to avoid giving him a tip!?  A concierge is paid a legal wage and is not tip dependant like wait and bell staff. Concierge services are offered as a complimentary amenity to the hotel guests and although tips often appropriately enhance ones income.  Tipping is optional and usually given when by guests who utilize our services beyond incidental assistance and realize the benefits of said service and conclude there is a value to the service and decide to tip accordingly. Expecting a tip  or adjusting ones performance based on if a tip is given or how much is unethical and presents an undeniable conflict of interests that impedes ones ability to perform as a concierge.  Undeniably, however misguided,  the above point of view expressed may be shared by others performing the role of concierge ...I can assure you they are the minority.   So I urge you to engage, connect and seek out the assistance of your hotel concierge by whatever suitable means available and more often than not your stay will be notably enhanced and if all goes well your expectation will be  exceeded!

Text a Concierge is a great idea!

I definitely understand the personal touch speaking directly with a concierge offers, but the guest experience is about convenience and connecting the way they want to connect. Text messaging enhances the guest experience by giving them more access to the Concierge. A win-win! :)