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Public Chicago's One Dollar Sale Sells Out in 5 Minutes

January 17, 2012 at 1:10 PM | by | ()

Perhaps we shouldn't have vigorously cheered on the Public Chicago's One Dollar Sale because rooms sold-out today in just FIVE MINUTES.

But as we've seen with other gimmicky hotel sales (see: LHW and Copley Square), the Public's sale did not go off without a few hitches.

For starters, some folks, including us, never got an email from Public Hotels announcing the start of the sale. This is pretty crappy as signing up for the email was the preferred way of learning about the sale.

Yet even the folks who did receive the email and clicked the link to the sale ended up losing their rooms during the checkout process. Like our own contributor Juliab who tweeted:

Yup, i got a room for 1 date, gave them my card details and get an error message.

Meanwhile inside HotelChatter's HQ ASchechter had three separate reservations go through but each time was thwarted by an "Error!" message at the end.

Later, Public Hotels tweeted that the sale sold-out in five minutes and they've since been RT-ing the lucky people who managed to score one. Guess we weren't quick enough.

The only silver lining here is that Public Hotels will be doing the One Dollar Sale again. We just hope we get an email next time.

Did you manage to get a room at the Public Chicago for $1? Or did you suffer the same problems as we did? Commiserate or gloat in comments below!

Archived Comments:

I got through

Didn't realize how lucky I was. Here's to dinner at the Pump Room on Monday!


hope they pull this stunt again some time!

Pump it up!

Adam, I can't wait to hear your reaction to the Pump Room and Public. Keep us posted!