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How's This For A Hotel Perk? The Savoy's Guests Can Record Music At Abbey Road

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January 17, 2012 at 10:31 AM | by | ()

OK, so this news won't be really that exciting if you're a) a former Beatle, or b) indifferent to rock 'n roll. Since that rules out pretty much no one, come get excited with us about an announcement from London's The Savoy that their in-house design team will be heading the renovation process at Abbey Road Studios.

As a result of the new partnership, guests at Fairmont Hotels (which owns The Savoy) will be able to go in and record their own music. Awesome! Also, waaay more sensible (and cost-efficient) than Kanye West's method of renting out an entire floor at The Mercer to work on his Jay-Z collaboration album, Watch The Throne. For starters: Abbey Road has been a functioning, successful recording studio for 80 years. The Mercer, though super cool (and pretty), is, at the end of the day, just a hotel.

Behind-the-scenes visits and recording sessions will be among the "experiences" offered to all Fairmont guests. So get the creative juices flowing now. You don't want to suddenly find yourself standing in front of a microphone at Abbey Road Studios with nothing to sing about!

And for real Beatles enthusiasts, you might want to plan your UK visit to include a stay at Tune Hotels' future Beatles hotel in Liverpool. Oh, not to mention the Hard Day's Night Hotel.

These Beatles Hotels are getting better, we tell you. They're getting better all the time...

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