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More Naked, Drugged-Up Guests At Mandarin Oriental Boston

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January 16, 2012 at 9:15 AM | by | ()

Exposing yourself in your own room is sooo lame. Lobbies are where it's at now.

We're beginning to wonder: are hotel guests getting so bored cooped up in their rooms that they feel the need to take their private, behind-closed-doors activities into more public spaces like hallways and lobbies? Because it seems like that's the way things are going.

Just last week, we lost one pro skater to the netherworld of drug-induced hotel streaking. And we certainly can't forget November's Spice King incident at the Four Seasons New York. Now, Boston gets a taste of the nudie action. Specifically, at the Mandarin Oriental Boston, where one half-clothed guest reportedly assaulted an employee, head-butted a police officer and told him outright he was high on "cocaine, and plenty of it."

The incident took place at around 3am late Wednesday night, according to the Boston Globe, and though we're sure hotel staffers were probably just trying to stay awake on the job or watching Netflix behind the Front Desk, they certainly got a rude awakening when the randy guest showed up in the lobby, hanging out of his bathrobe.

When police showed up, the guest reportedly lamented: "Do I have to beat you up as well?"

Then, while they were handcuffing him, police asked the man if had any medical issues they should know about it. "Just cocaine and plenty of it," he responded.

All we have to say is, if guests want to make 2012 the year of late-night, naked drug binges in hotels, great! We just ask that they keep doing it in public spaces so there'll always be someone to write down the funny things they say and do.

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