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Just Wondering, Where Did the George V Get the Inspiration for Their 'Tips' Video?

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January 18, 2012 at 4:05 PM | by | ()

As we were watching the video for the new Four Seasons website, we noticed another video from the Four Seasons's YouTube Channel featuring Housekeeping "Tips" from the Four Seasons George V, one of the best hotels in the Four Seasons collection (not to mention one of the priciest.)

So of course we had to watch. The video's instructions are entirely in French but those who can't parlez-vous Francais can still easily learn how to make the bed, insert a duvet, put on pillowcases, clean the bathtub, clean the mirrors and scrub the bath fixtures (ok, this last one would have been a little more helpful if we had understood French.)

These tips were fun to watch but we couldn't help but wonder---where ever did they get the idea to do this video? Could the Trump Housekeeping Tips that Trump Hotels shared with us early this year have been the inspiration?

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