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The Four Seasons' New Website is Like Flipping Through a Glossy Magazine

January 16, 2012 at 2:17 PM | by | ()

We've actually long admired the websites of Four Seasons Hotels because they've always allowed potential guests to see giant, full-screen photos of their guest rooms, public spaces and recreational spots (provided these aren't pre-opening stock photos.) But now with the new Four Seasons website redesign (at a cost of $18 million), the full-sized photos of the hotels, as well as videos, are front and center.

You can watch the YouTube video above for a mini-tutorial while we highlight our fave parts below.

Most notable is the Four Seasons emphasis on TripAdvisor reviews which is interesting since recently, a couple of hotel brands (Starwood and Marriott) began showing off their own guest reviews--the good and the ugly. But not only can you see the glut of reviews for a Four Seasons hotel on TripAdvisor, you can also click from the hotel's website to see what folks are saying about the hotel on Facebook and Twitter. (So far when we checked the Four Seasons George V in Paris, all social media activity was positive.)

Photos also accompany several other informational sections of a Four Season's hotel's landing page and when you click on the "Accommodations" page, you will even see a photo of the bathroom toiletries. (That's L'Occitane at the Four Seasons Palm Beach.)

But perhaps what we liked the best when browsing through a Four Seasons home page was the Destination section which has a large Google Map embedded into the page so you don't have to click on a pop-up box or go to another page and wait for a map to load. (You can however, click "Read More" and get more in-depth information.)

Rounding out the new offerings is the "Discover" section which features stories from inside the hotel and profiles and interviews with hotel employees. You can even make a reservation at the hotel's restaurant directly through OpenTable.com. Finally, a hotel website that gets us!

We can't believe we're saying this but we're quite pleased with the Four Seasons redesign. They've taken a stuffy and traditional website transformed it into a stylish, functional and appealing hotel magazine for the wired generation of travelers...with a booking function of course.

We just hope that Hilton Hotels, whose websites could use some jazzing up, is paying attention.

What are you other fave or least fave hotel websites? Let us know in comments below!

Archived Comments:

It's pretty awesome.

I was on their website the other day checking it out... really like it.

Really magazine... website

I think its property specific website looks a bit like Vogue's one - check this out <a href="http://www.fourseasons.com/goldentriangle">http://www.fourseasons.com/goldentriangle</a> VS <a href="http://www.vogue.com">http://www.vogue.com</a>. I even wonder if they use Steven Meisel for their new shots. :)))

Some insight into website building...

But first let me comment on the Four Season site.  It is easy on the eyes and simple to navigate.  Nothing like the Hilton Website, which has an air of pretentiousness to it, makes fun of midgets (that's Tony Nieves word not mine) and has many hidden links to the Grindr Accounts of Steven Faulk and Andre Ha.  But that's neither here nor there.  Luckily I was in the room that hot and steamy night in West Hollywood when the site was created.  There a lot of creative differences between Martin Murch and Steve Faulk.  Faulk wanted a scat version of the site with every fourth word ending in `dee-do da.'  Murch wanted a serious, toned down site that embodied the rich traditions of Hilton.  He wanted it to take on the topics of today.  Talk about hospitality issues like Free Wi-Fi, Recycling, Green Technology, Jennifer Spino's Hair, and the bastard child of the K.   It was around, 3:15AM after the Faulk and Murch had just finished corn holing Russell Ng.  And Susan Umeda had finished berating them with questions about their upbringing and stories of living at home at the age of 57.  That the light bulb went off, a site dedicated to the Sexual History of Conrad Hilton, it was Genius, It was topical, it was hip, it was now, it was happening.  It was well known throughout Hilton circles that Conrad was more like Conan the Barbarian that is, swinging around that big sword of his if you know what I mean.   His conquests were legendary, Marylyn Monroe, one legged Zsa Zsa Gabor, fat Elizabeth Taylor, gay Dom Delouise, Chastity Bono and a beautiful English Sheep Dog Patrick to name a few.  His dalliances were the talk of the water cooler and janitor closets.  It was a different time then, we kept people's private lives secret, especially since Conrad was such a staunch supporter of the Catholic Church and his zero tolerance on the use of condoms we knew to keep our mouths shut.  Condoms were banned from HSM Offices, no one was allowed to use them except Michele Samuelson, and that was because there was no shot for the STD she had.  Speaking of condoms the recent legislation brought to the LA City Council to mandate condom use in the Porn Industry has Conan, I mean Conrad spinning in his grave.   He like the rest of us enjoys money shots, nice, strong viral ropes hitting their targets with the accuracy of William Tell.  In fact the default screensaver at HSM was a photo series of Rick Roberts and David Shattuck money shooting Richard Barter forehead then knocking him unconscious with a shovel, in his pink sweater.  It was a poignant and breathless photo collection.  
If Conrad were alive no doubt he would uncover that this law has little to with stopping the spread of STD's and more to do with the millions that the personal lubricant industry stands to gain.  And who just happens to be the lobbyist for the lube lobby?  None other than Brandon Brockenmiller, the coke sniffing, rag top la baron driving pitchman for CF Kent.  He and his right hand man Jim Howell, yes, that Jim Howell who played Santa at the West Hollywood Boys on Boys Club GloryHole of XXXMass-ochist Event this year.  Are perched to make a ton of money off this.  As Red Blooded Condom Free Facial Loving American Porn Watchers, we must stop this at once!!  We must stand up to the man.  Stand up to Javier Farjado and his sick and twisted fetish for Bear on Harry Potter condom porn.  We must stand up to Brian Sidlin and love of Russian Gonzo Rubber Porn.  We must do it for World Famous Bisexual Porn Star Ted Carroll.  Ted `Chico' Carroll work cannot be, and will not be ruined forever by shrouding his salami.  It would be like taking Ray Charles Magic Glasses off and telling him to play the piano or Ball Gagging Sir Elton John and then telling him to sing his Opus to Princess Diana.  We must stop this Law and Proclaim Hilton Hotels is 100% against condom free.  That Hilton Hotels supports the spread of HIV and other STD's.  That they give reasonable hourly rates for porn filming, free parking, discounts at the snack bar and rubber sheets for golden shower scenes, based on double occupency.  They also have an early bird special, two money shots before 8am and you get the famous Hilton Breakfast!!  Weekends, Holidays, Asian and bestiality porn excluded.   Oh and check out this hospitality website...

<a href="http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/Martin/Murch">http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/Martin/Murch</a>


love the use of large pictures to illustrate what your getting in the hotel room.