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If Bieber's New Nail Polish Line Doesn't Thrill You, Try This One By Langham Hotels

January 13, 2012 at 9:10 AM | by | ()

We gotta say, it's definitely less purple than the Biebs' line

After our last-minute reminder yesterday, all you Bostonian hotel geeks should already have 'pink' on the brain. Which might make this other piece of news more applicable. Following on the success of its signature hot pink taxis, Langham has partnered with beauty product wizards at O.P.I. to manufacture a line of "Langham Pink" nail polish.

Now, we realize this may not be for everyone. After all, not all men and women like to paint their nails. And the ones who do might not necessarily jibe with the Langham's ludicrously bright color of choice. But for the discerning eye, this little bottle of pantone 707C will be taking its rightful place in a long line of must-have hotel knickknacks.

The bottle, which retails for $12.50, will only be available for a limited time, and can be found at the Flavors of Langham store, Life! shop, and Chuan Spa at the various Langham hotels (located throughout the US and Asia, plus one in London).

Reveling in the company's newfound panache, a rep for the hotel explained that the Langham signature shade has become "a highly visible facet of our image." Gee, ya don't say! We couldn't miss that color if we were blindfolded and thrown into the back of a car!

[Photo: Langham Hotels]

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