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Hotel Chelsea Will Still Be All About Art and Music When King & Grove Takes Over

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January 13, 2012 at 3:18 PM | by | ()

The aftershocks of today's news that King & Grove Hotels will be managing the chaotic Hotel Chelsea continue with this bit of info we received from a Hotel Chelsea insider. The source spoke about Patti Smith's private concert at the hotel on Wednesday for the building's new owner and the King & Grove management team (The Thursday night concert for the building's residents was cancelled after they protested.) The source says:

Patti's performance on Wednesday was the inauguration of a series of events related to music, the visual arts, literature and poetry, and film that will be curated by the ownership, management and creative teams of the Chelsea. The Chelsea will have new and established artists of all types performing, showing, creating and living there.

That's the future. What's there today is a decayed building in disrepair with a small minority of tenants who are so adverse to change that they'd prefer to live in squalor and pretend to care about the legacy than risk being a part of a successful restoration and return to relevancy that the Chelsea deserves.

So it appears that King & Grove does know what they are getting into and they ready to fight. But it will be tough. The fiesty residents pretty much ousted BD Hotels back in 2008 as well as at least one general manager. Given that they swore to protest Smith's proposed concert by burning copies of her book--let us remind you Patti Smith lived at the hotel once upon a time--can you imagine what they will do to anyone else who tries to step in here? To be continued....

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