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We Made Ours a Combo at the Hermitage Hotel's Spa

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The dress code at Monte Carlo's Hermitage Hotel may be 'chic' and 'elegant attire,' but if you see guests wandering around the lobby in robes and slippers, as we did, there's no need to call the fashion police. These people have just come been enjoying the hotel's spa, Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo.

We had the chance to try a treatment there recently, and we gotta say, there's more going on here than just scented candles and Swedish massages. The spa is known for its sports programs, high-tech machines and nutritional counseling, all of which draw high-profile athletes and the dancers of the local Monte Carlo Ballet.

Then there's that huge solarium-style pool with views of the Mediterranean...

Though the spa is located across the street, special hallways and elevators allow guests to access the spa without once stepping foot outside. Hence the wandering robe wearers with blissed-out looks on their faces. (Guests of the Hotel de Paris and Monte Carlo Bay Hotel also have access to Thermes Marins.)

As for the treatments, we were lucky enough to sample the Monte-Carlo Combo, which addresses imbalance of energy. It begins with an energy checkup using wires that look mad scientist-scary but don't hurt a bit. Each finger and toe correlates to an organ in your body and how it's functioning, so the therapist tests the energy level of every digit, noting down the number as she goes. (Since she alternated between French and English and ended each test with 'Voila!', we found the process utterly charming.)

The results of this energy test tell the therapist where to focus when she gets to the massage portion of the treatment. (For us, it was our kidneys and liver. Ahem.) It also helps her select the scrub and oils to use--but you can weigh in here by smelling each of the oils and opting for uplifting or relaxing.

But before you get to the massage, there's the bath--you slide into a tub with multiple jets, which take turns massaging different parts of your body one by one, over and over again. To help amp up the rejuvenation, the bath is filled with sea water and you're given an organic, bubbly juice to sip. (That's not a euphemism for wine, by the way--the juice is non-alcoholic.)

Once you've been pummeled by the water and massaged by the therapist, she again tests your energy levels and compares the numbers to the ones you started out with. Fingers crossed, they've improved! Et voila!, ours had.

To be honest, we're not sure how all that energy stuff works, but we certainly felt better after our Combo--and it seemed to be just what the doctor ordered for nipping jetlag in the bud.

[Photos: Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo]

Disclaimer: MsRebecca received the spa treatment while on assignment for another publication but all opinions expressed here are her own. The Monte-Carlo Combo costs 280 euros per person.

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