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Could More London Hotels Open Their Rooms Up For Afternoon Trysts?

January 11, 2012 at 11:35 AM | by | ()

That's what a new website from a group of Parisien hoteliers is hoping.

The Daily's Mail Travel Blog recently featured Day-UseHotels.com, a website that is attempting to convince London hotels to open their rooms up for a block of hours so guests can have a place to take a nap, freshen up or yes, get randy without having to pay a hefty overnight rate.

Day-UseHotels.com also says that the arrangement helps hotels too as they can at least make a little change on what would have been empty rooms.

While we know our virgin readers are assuming the rental by the hours will be used for naps, showers or even a quiet place to get some work done, Day-UseHotels.com says 95 percent of their traffic in Paris is for people conducting affairs. Only 5 percent is used for work. But interestingly, most of the bookings are made by women and not surprisingly, almost all of the hotels accept cash payment.

The booking split is forecasted to be less romantical in London--about 80 percent for pleasure and 20 percent for work.

So where can you book a quality room by the hour in London? There's the Beaufort in Knightsbridge for £150 for a room between 12 and 4. The new-ish St John Hotel offers 6 hours for £120 in their executive studio. We even found the Town Hall Hotel and Apartments (pictured) open from 11 a.m to 5 p.m for just £119 for an executive studio. Of course, that still works out to be about $185 USD and some of you may just choose to book a budget rate room at an EasyHotel or a Tune Hotel for the night.

For those of you who need a room so fast you can't be bothered to get on your laptop, Day Use even has its own iPhone app. It's kind of like HotelTonight's sexy French cousin.

Yet while we're titillated by the thought of more quality London hotels being open for day-use rentals, our lives are not as exciting enough as to warrant a hotel for five hours of hotel sex. We'll probably use this new site to squat in a room doing work before our flight. Unless, one of you wants to join us?

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The option is cool for a number of sexy and less sexy reasons, but I couldn't help wonder how this impacts the ability for housekeeping to get in and clean up after sexy time?  Do these rooms wait to get cleaned the following morning or is a hazmat team on standby at all times to clean up before grandma on holiday rents the room later that night?


Business-oriented and the price was right. There's some website I know of like dayguest.com that offers a very good deal for day use hotels.