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Sadly, La Posada De Santa Fe Doesn't Rock As Hard As Its Soap Does

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  Site Where: 330 East Palace Ave [map], Santa Fe, NM, United States, 87501
January 10, 2012 at 3:00 PM | by | ()

The kiva fireplace. The best bit of the room

A hotel that has soap in the shape of a rock has to be good, right? That kind of attention to detail is going to make for a spot on stay. Said soap rock was what we found when we checked into our room at La Posada De Santa Fe Resort recently. Did the rest of the experience measure up? Here goes.

Check in:
Our hopes were high on arrival to the hotel. We’d called in advance, asking whether it’d be possible for a parcel to be sent to us care of the hotel, and spoken to a concierge who sounded charming and efficient. Then our taxi driver told us La Posada was one of the best hotels in Santa Fe. It better had, we thought, since we paid $188 on Jetsetter (our room should have set us back around $300 though).

Check in was quick and easy, with a friendly man assigning us our room. There was free spa handcream at the check in desk – a nice touch in snowy Santa Fe. We walked to our room through cozy wood-panelled corridors, past the restaurant, bar, and a couple of sitting rooms strewn with art. Then outside, through the snowy courtyard and gardens. All atmospheric. Then we hit room 107, a Fireplace King.

Room Reaction:
A mixture of indifference, slight disappointment and “well, it could be worse”. On the plus side, the room was huge, and had a traditional kiva fireplace, complete with wood and lighters. Awesome.

On the minus, it just felt bland – nothing particularly wrong with it, a comfy bed, big TV, fugly lap, free WiFi, two litre bottles of water for us to enjoy – but totally unexciting.

And where the bedroom was big, the bathroom was pretty cramped. The bath was small – we gave up on an uncomfortable soak while warming up from the outside – and the next morning, the shower pressure was almost too poor to wash our hair.

The air con didn’t seem to work to any normal temperature gauge, leaping between very high and very low – but we got it stabilised to a comfy level, despite the counter saying otherwise. No biggie.

Meanwhile, we called three times – twice that night, once in the morning – to ask whether our parcel had arrived. Each time, we were told they’d check and call straight back. They never called. As it happened, turned out there’d been a cock up and the parcel was never sent. But no one from the hotel bothered to tell us it wasn’t there. How difficult is it to break that news to a guest?

Amenity Madness:
Own brand shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion. From the spa, and using lavender and lemongrass. Smelt amazing. Big plus point. The rock soap we didn’t use, but the normal soap was just fine.

Public Areas:
All very olde worldy, Santa Fe-esque, with lots of equally Santa Fe-esque art hung about the place. If you like that, you’ll love it – there are lots of nooks to hunker down in. If, as with us, it’s not your style, you may find it either boring or twee. Free hot apple cider in the lobby was a nice touch.

Internet Connect:
Free WiFi, worked just great.

What We Liked:
The free WiFi, the fireplace in the room, the comfy bed, and the toiletries. The gardens were pretty, too, if covered in snow. Staff were, apart from the parcel thing, nice.

What We Didn’t Like:
The room left us a little cold, and the bathroom was subpar. And the parcel saga annoyed us. We didn’t like Santa Fe either, though, so that may have helped put a dampener on things.

Bottom Line:
Meh. We wouldn’t book this again, because we’re sure there’s something more exciting in Santa Fe, but if someone booked it for us, we wouldn’t be devastated. But for $188 (more at full price), we’re pretty sure we could do better.

Archived Comments:

Juliab's meh

I read Juliab's "review" with amusement.  Seems like the kind of people who will never be pleased, with anything.  Clearly British, it's particularly amusing to see a complaint about the size of the bathroom in a hotel.  

I just don't get this review whose main complaint was that the room wasn't "exciting."  Exciting?  What on earth would constitute an "exciting" room?  La Posada, from my experience, is exceptionally beautifully and charming and it is an historic property, and not a cookie cutter bunch of rooms.  They also could have asked for a room with a larger bathroom, as the rooms are all different in size and they're all unique.  

What really cracks me up at the end of the review is the revelation that -- "we didn't like Santa Fe either, though, so that may have helped put a dampener on things."  Well there you go.  These sour people could not be pleased.  What, pray tell, did you not like about one of the top American destinations?  What failed to meet your sour spirits needs?  Pity the hoteliers who get this couple in snorting at the check in desk!