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Which City Has The Most Bed Bugs?

September 7, 2011 at 8:45 AM | by | ()

Well, we can't say we're that surprised. According to data released yesterday, none other but Las Vegas ranked number one as the city with the most hotel bedbug complaints. Guess all those extra hotel rooms proved too enticing for the little blood-suckers.

The report contains a quote from Philip Vaughn, CEO of Raveable.com (the travel website that completed the study), who says this has been "a groundbreaking year for bedbugs." And how. We'd only just finished telling you about The Park Central's Union Rat woes yesterday, and now this happens. Aren't you curious to see which other cities made the cut? More creepy-crawly cities after the jump.

Coming in at second place is good ol' NYC, which has remained relatively quiet on the hotel bed bug front. Then again, between earthquakes and hurricanes, there have been plenty of other things to worry about recently.

Certain parts of this study, which compiled its information from user reviews, we find a little questionable. For instance, if a city's bedbug ranking has "jumped" 667% since last year (ahem, Columbus), is that because of more bedbugs, or are there just more people posting bad reviews? And if a hotel moves quickly to rectify the situation, shouldn't that information be included as well?

Other cities in the list include: San Francisco, Orlando, Atlantic City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Columbus, and Anaheim. Surprisingly, no mention of Glendale, AZ.

Does this list seem fair to you? Let us know your thoughts below!

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Heat, Heat, Heat...

Come on folks, the easiest and best treatment for bed bugs is HEAT.  Get your rooms to 100 degrees for 24 hours, just once a month, and the problem will be eradicated.  Get the room to 120 degrees and the problem will be gone in a few minutes.  Stop using the chemicals, they don't work very easily, and if a guest picks up some of the chemical residue and brings it to a house with cats or reptiles, they could die.